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Now that I’ve finished university, there are a plethora of things I would like to do this Summer, the only problem is half the time my brain gets so filled up with ideas I don’t know where to start! I thought doing a to do list would help but I hate boring to do lists on scrap bits of paper, so to help me get inspired I found these fabulous books from Urban Outfitters to help me plan my future activities and aspirations in style!

Book Therapy


Book Therapy 2
The first book I came across was ‘Shit Happens so Get Over It’, the title alone demands your attention and the content certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve had a bad week or feeling a little disheartened on your way to success, this book is filled with encouraging and inspirational quotes from famous people who have had their fair share of struggles on their journey. This book is definitely for you if you need a swift kick to remind you that the road to success is not always easy – but worth it.

My Future in list – The LISTOGRAPHY Book

Book Therapy 3
From the moment I opened this book I knew it was a winner. It literally has a question per page and a list for everything such as: List all the countries you would like visit, recipes to try, habits to break, things you aspire to be fearless at (etc), This book makes you think about your life, and encourages you to attempt things you didn’t even consider…just buy the book, you’ll love it!

The Notebook

Book Therapy 4
Last but by no means least there is the trustee note book. To be honest on the inside its just like any other notepad. However the outside is adorably cute n’ pretty with butterfly patterns all over it , this alone inspires me to write in it. I’m a typical creative in that sense, if my notebook looks pretty I will look forward to writing in it.

In conclusion the moral of this article is, planning and writing things down doesn’t have to be boring at all, take a mundane routine like making to do lists and make your Summer all the more interesting!


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