What do we want? Tax Free Tampons, When do we want them, NOW!
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If you didn’t listen to Chancellor George Osbourne’s Spending Review announcements last week…Here’s something that may just get your attention.

In the words of Mr Osbourne ‘£15 million a year from VAT on sanitary products will be used to fund women’s health charities’ (instead of going into the government’s pockets.)…We’ll clap to that!

So what does this mean for Skool Girls?

We had a chat with Alec Mills the Co-Founder of Sanitary Owl – UK’s leading online service for sanitary products. He explains all…


What does the Spending Review mean for Skool Girl’s?
From a menstrual health point of view, it means that 5 per cent of what is paid each year by school girls on tampons and pads now goes to women’s charities, not into the government’s pocket. We think they shouldn’t be taxed at all.

You are passionate about changing the way society deals with periods. Why is this important to you?
It reflects a wider attitude towards women. Periods are the very essence of being a female, and so how society talks about them (or not talks about them)reflects upon how we think of women – and more importantly, how women think of themselves.

What is the most affordable way for periods / sanitary products to be dealt with?
Re-usables are probably the most cost effective – particularly cups. These cost from around £15 and last for over 10 years. They are also better for you and the environment.

How can girls be encouraged to deal with issues about periods in confidence?
Periods are a totally natural process – they are what makes you a woman and are a key sign of health. A healthy period indicates you have a happy body. Unlike most other issues, you know that every other person on the planet can help – because every woman knows all about them! We encourage schools to make sure boys are educated about them too so they can understand what is happening to a woman’s body and how normal it is.

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Do schools have a responsibility to educate girls around this. If so what can they be doing?
Schools should ensure that girls have all the basic information and products they need to get going. However there are thousands of questions girls want to ask all through their lives, and so ongoing access to good guides and resources is important.

Our First Period Boxes, which are popular with schools, are full of all the products and information a girl needs, to have her first period with confidence. We are brand neutral and encourage girls to try as many brands of product as they need to find the most comfortable. We even include sports knickers so girls can do physical activities on their period with extra protection.

With new funding in place, do you have any new plans or projects in place for the Sanitary Owl?
Big plans! We’ve started doing tax-free Tampax pearl, but we want to make all our products tax free.

We also have plans for a 99p per month service with an on-demand app so you can have new boxes of tampons come through your letterbox at the tap of a button.

Our brand belief is for improved access, choice and affordability of sanitary protection for all women in the UK delivered in the nicest possible way. We will keep beavering away until that’s done!

Featured photo’s: Sanitary Owl

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