Touch Dual Makes Music Booming Louder!
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Boom Box No Text WR

Get a phone speaker that will pack even more of a serious punch.

Touch Dual have answered every music lover’s prayer with their new Boom Box Speaker giving your favourite songs the bass they truly deserve. Place your phone or any device on this monster sound system  for instant amplification and let the PARTAY begin!

No need for fancy wires and leads, Boom Box uses Bluetooth wireless technology and the best thing is that the built in rechargeable battery lasts an incredible 10 hours! You can chuck it in your bag and take it with you if you’re travelling or using it outdoors.

It might have the same design as the classic Boom Box’s of the 80′s, except the only difference is…it’s 10 times louder and 10 times better! I don’t know about you, this is already on my Christmas wish list!

To order your Boombox Speaker from Men Kind: *CLICK*
Retail Price: £49.99

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