Top 5: Ways To Simplify Your Business
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Want to spend time focusing on what really matters in your business? Here are some tips, which can save time and maybe leave you a little time to actually have a life!

Hit the Web
A website is one of the most simple and effective access points for your customers to get the information they need. When starting up you don’t need anything particularly fancy or elaborate, keep it simple making sure it has all the relevant information. There are a plethora of web hosting companies who can provide reliable websites for a relatively inexpensive cost and sometimes FREE. To get you started, check out these hosting sites: Wix, Weebly and 000webhost.

Have an FAQ list
Having a Frequently Asked Questions list cuts straight to the chase with basic and reoccurring questions from customers. There is nothing more time consuming than having to answer phone calls or respond to emails about the same questions repeatedly. Having a pre-prepared list of basic questions can save both time and frustration for customers and can prevent them from going elsewhere.

Stop Having Meetings For Meetings Sake!
I personally hate meetings, if it were up to me they would either be banned or last no longer than three minutes. Be careful not to fall into the habit of having minutes for the sake of it, just think if you’re spending a majority of your time in meetings the less time you’re spending actually being productive. Ways to save time on lengthy meetings is to create a meeting agenda – this helps you to stay on topic and be punctual – if you start late the meeting will finish even later. Other alternatives to meetings are email blasts – for sharing information or stand up meetings – 5 / 10-minute meetings held at the start of a workday with key staff to make quick decisions.

Say No!
In business it’s important to learn how to say ‘no’. If you’re always saying yes to everything, when will you have time to focus on what actually matters for the moment in time. Remember if you don’t over-commit you will never under-deliver.

Know How To Manage Your Commitments
Consistency is a key element in business, whether it be responding to emails or managing commitments. A great way to manage your schedule is by writing a to do list, keeping a calendar or a diary. It’s not always possible to keep everything in our head, well unless you plan to have ‘brain overload’.

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