Top 5: Iconic Business Moments Of The 90’s
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Once upon a time before social media, the most exciting thing to talk about at skool was your new ‘fresh to death’ pack of gel pens and your Furby. Here are five of the best business moments of the 90′s…

1. The Worldwide Web Launches
World Wide Web

It may seem hard to believe, but once upon a time there was no such thing as the Internet and businesses didn’t have the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat to tell us about their latest news and products. The 90’s is where the web had its first public test run and now its virtually impossible to live without it.

2. The Evolution of the Gel Pen
Gel Pens - WR

Can you believe that Gel Pens have been around for 30 years?! They were originally launched in the 1980’s but then they turned it up another notch introducing the Metallic gel pen in 1997 followed by the Silver Shadow gel pen in 1999. Gel Pens were your pride and joy of carrying a pencil case to school,  the beacon of hope for your bland looking exercise book and definitely the motivation to make revision notes for your exams. THANK YOU GEL PEN!

3. Furby
Furby - WR

The CLASSIC stuffed animal toy of its time. In 1998 Furby changed the playing experience for 90’s kids forever because they could be trained and taught to respond to human interaction…EPIC!

4. Your mobile phone features Snake the game
Snake - WR
Not only was the 90’s iconic for the evolution of mobile phones in general but it introduced the (for its time) theBEST phone game EVERSnake. That’s right, there was no Bluetooth, camera, apps or the option of playing music, just an excellent battery life and snake…What more could you ask for?

5. Google
Google 1998 - WR
Save the best until last! In 1998 Google came along with the aim to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible, and we can confidently say that it hasn’t failed on its mission yet. 17 years on and its still the most used search engine in the world. What can you not find on Google?

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