5 Tips For Your First Job Interview
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Job Interview
Apart from waiting all Summer long for GCSE or A-level results, there is nothing more worrying than preparation for your first job interview! But have no fear because Skool Girl is here to give you five great tips on how you can stand out in that bad boy…


Be prepared
There is nothing more obvious than someone who is unprepared, it’s a good idea to re-read your CV and job role until you have them boxed. Research the company you are applying to (browse their website). Be prepared for them to ask you lots of questions – what do you already know about us? Why do you want to work for us? Why should we employ you?

Think about your outfit 
I know you love the dress you wore to Cindy’s birthday party last week, but is it appropriate? Every company is different therefore the dress code will vary i.e. a retail job in a fashion store will have a different code to an administration role in an office. This is where your research is key, if possible visit where you want to work and check out what the staff are wearing for clues.

Don’t over do it
We all want to impress our interviewer, that’s fine but just don’t go overboard. Sometimes when people are feeling nervous, they can waffle, speak really fast or even say the totally wrong thing. Even if you have to pause between sentences to re-collect your thoughts, its better to be safe than sorry.

Remember your body language
Good body posture demonstrates confidence…so avoid slouching and look like you actually want to be there. Sit up with your back straight, shoulders back and make good eye contact with your interviewer…presto!

Be YOU (within reason)
Sometimes we can try so hard to impress in an interview that we forget to relax and just be ourselves. However, this doesn’t mean you can start speaking in slang as if you were around your peers…time and place ladies! But what you can do is develop rapport this especially works well if you have a sense of humour and a dazzling smile…say CHEESE!

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