Time To Kiss Your Sweaty, Sticky Summer Days Away!
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Like with anything in life there’s a time and place for everything…including your clothes! There’s nothing worse than stepping out in a super cute outfit and it being destroyed by sweat patches…or worse stepping out in the completely inappropriate anti summer outfit in the first place, I mean a parker coat and beanie hat, really?

Here’s a list of summer basics (as well as personal favourites)that will gracefully help you put those sticky summer days waay behind you.


Jumpsuit / Playsuit

Playsuit Web ready
Jumpsuits and play suits are fun, comfy and stylish outfits! They come in all weird and wonderful shapes and sizes too, regular, off shoulder, whatever style you opt for all in all they’re a wardrobe mustee, perfect for a casual summer’s day.

Tank top(s)

White Tank Web ready
If you don’t own a tank top (or two), I strongly recommend for you to invest in one (or two), particularly the colours white and black, simply because they go with everything. Tanks are great for casual summer outings and are versatile, so they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Shorts Web ready
Summer shorts are probably one of the most basic item of clothing to have handy in your wardrobe. Give your legs a break from the regular denim jeans prison and add a touch of pizazz with prints, floral, stripes, checks, brights and sequins. 

Maxi dress

Maxi Dress Web ready
You can’t beat the sweet elegance of a maxi dress! You must realise young ladies that Summer is not an excuse to where the least amount of clothes, not only is this tacky skool girl behaviour, but it leaves little to the imagination for guys. You can look super chic in a maxi, the most popular for SS14 being palm tree prints. For inspiration check out this article on ’101 brilliant maxi dress buys’by Marie Claire  – *CLICK HERE*

Skater skirt

Skater Skirt Web ready
Ooh wee, I love me some skater skirts! There simply easy and effortless, SNM!

Flowy trousers

Flowy trousers Web ready
For those of you who aren’t as keen to flaunt your legs, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you. Flowy, wide leg trousers are the summer alternative to jeans, which I personally think should be banned from the summer season. They’re so comfy, breezy and help to keep you cool too!


Sandals Web ready
My personal fav this summer are jellies. Sandals will definitely help your feet to breath in hot weather, and what I love most about jellies in particular is they can look stunning with or without socks…this is perfect if you’re not completely comfortable with your toes baring all.

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