Talking 90′s Trouble TV With Shar Jackson
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Moesha Cover

Last week we caught up with Karyn Parsons from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and this week its MO to the E to the…

If seeing the 90′s teen version of Brandy Norwood‘ who stars as the main character (Moesha Mitchell) doesn’t make you feel nostalgic then theLEGENDARYopening theme song, which has six versions in total(one for every season)definitely will!

Or maybe seeing Brandy’s former co-starShar Jackson‘ who played Niecy Jacksonin the show, will take you back to a time when TV was on point!

Shar gives up the latest update on her new TV life as a reality star and more…

Show:Moesha  (1996 – 2001)
Niecy Jackson
Most memorable line:
“Dang, y’all… If the White People runnin’ you know it’s time for us to go!”


What was your experience like playing Niecy Jackson?
It was a blast! The longest job that I’ve had thus far and the first character that people remembered my character’s name lol. Its also where I met my best friends and second family.

What will  the character most be remembered for?
Her humor and the fact that she kept it real with Moesha… Oh and that she was a really good friend.

You now star in the reality TV show “Hollywood Divas”, what’s it like in comparison to acting in a sitcom?
It’s nothing like a sitcom or what I’m used to because it’s not scripted and I’m not being someone else , it’s actually me you see. I love acting that’s why I’m an actress, having a camera follow my real life is kind of creepy. Believe it or not I’m a pretty private person.

Countess Vaughn who played your friend “Kimberley Ann Parker” in Moesha is also in HD. What’s it like working with her again?
You say work, but it’s really not! It’s literally a camera following mine and Countess’ life and what you see between the two of us is real. That’s my sister and I love hanging with her.

So you’re currently working on a studio album, as well as several productions – can you tell us what you have coming up in the pipeline?
I’m always working on music but it’s hard for me because I’m super picky about it. I’ve recorded so much but I don’t know what I actually want to put out. Music for me is just an outlet and a place to release emotions, feelings and thoughts – I don’t know if I really want to share that. As for other projects there’s so many things in the works right now, I can’t speak on them yet but when I can trust me I’ll let you know! One thing I can speak about is my cookbook and cooking show – they are going to be good.

What is your greatest memory of Moesha?
Getting to spend every day with my best friends amaking millions and millions of people “feel”those memories.

Moesha Cast

What advice can you give to a Skool Girl?
Stay true to you! At the end of the day that’s the only judgement that counts – well that and God.

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