Snazzy Summer Sandals From Schuh
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Nail polish, toes out, sandals on, comfort at last – LET’S GO!

Ice Cream - schuh - -ú24.99 - SALE (2)
Ice cream,£24.99. 

Roar - schuh - -ú11.99 - SALE

Sunshine - schuh - -ú18 (3)
Sunshine, £18.

Mel Marshmellow - Mels at schuh - -ú30 (2)
Marshmellow,£30. Mels at

Juju Jellies Babe - Juju Jellies at schuh - -ú28
Babe Glitter, £28. Juju Jellies at 

Youth Rises Up Orion - Youth Rises Up at schuh - -ú29.99 - schuh
Orion, £29.99. Youth Rises Up at

Youth Rises Up Marriott - Youth Rises Up at schuh - -ú29.99 - SALE  (2)
Marriott,£29.99. Youth Rises Up at

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