Skool Trip: DIY Nail Morning
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As a lover of all things nails, I jumped at the chance to attend the DIY Nail Morning held last weekend at The Space, Birmingham.

Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed! Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Chandeep Uppal, Co-organiser and owner of The Space. She filled me in about what I could expect from the day and the reasons behind the event…“Our intentions were to show girls and ladies how they could achieve beautiful designs using their own products in an inexpensive and creative way.”

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Not only was this event a great opportunity for nail enthusiasts to learn new skills and techniques, but hosts Chandeep and Amrit Matharu (Blogger of Amerettos World) took the opportunity to raise money for charities Meningitis Now and Breast Cancer Care by selling drinks and beautifully designed cupcakes to workshop participants.

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Amrit arrived fully equipped with plenty of funky nail polishes, tools and goodie bags that she prepared personally for the guests. The bags were complete with; nail varnish, a dotting tool, nail sponge, nail tape and of course SWEETIES!!!Amrit said: “I decided to put on this event following the success of our DIY Make-up Morning. I decided to do nails as I am always asked questions on how I have done my own.”

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Now on to the fun stuff!

Amrit took the ladies on a step by step tutorial on how to achieve three popular nail art techniques. First the ladies used their nail tape to achieve criss cross designs by first adding a base coat and then applying their tape in whichever pattern they wanted. Then they applied a second colour and finally removed their tape to reveal their first nail pattern.

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Next, the ladies were shown how to use their dropping tools to create patterns such as dots, flowers and leopard print.
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Last but not least, participants were shown how they could achieve a beautiful ombre look by applying their three favourite polishes onto a make up sponge and simply pressing it onto the nails, the more they done it the more pigmented the look appeared.
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Once Amrit had guided them through each technique, participants were given the chance to practice their new found skills. As we all know, practice makes perfect!

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Overall, this was a fantastic, fun and informative event…PLUS it was done in aid of a very good cause, what more could you ask for? I can’t wait for the next one, until then, I will definitely be practicing my new skills!

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