Skool Style: November Edition
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Tee Cee speaks…

I obviously had to come back in true Skool Girl style. It’s November, it’s cold and it isn’t exactly the most exciting month of the year…But who says you still can’t look fabulous? I say TURN ALL THE WAY UP at every available opportunity, just because you can!

Let the most stylish November you have ever known commence!


Skool Style November - Long shot



Top: Ebay, £14,99
Shorts: H&M, £7.99

Skool Style November - Scrunch face



Cardigan: Made by Esha Johnson a.k.a My Mom (Customised by LBD Gems)
Watch: Anne Klein, £75.00


Skool Style November - Hunched down


Earrings: Birmingham Indoor Market (The Jamaican Man), £5.99
Lipstick: Milani Rose Hip, £5.00 (Cocktail Cosmetics)
Necklace: LBD Gems

Skool Style November - Jewellery Close up

Socks: Birmingham Indoor Market
Shoes: Aldo, £16.99

Skool Style November - Legs

Watch the Skool Style: November Edition video:

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