Skool Style! – December Tracksuit Edition
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It’s December, its cold and I really can’t be bothered to get dressed at times, so in my time of sheer laziness I opted for a two piece outfit that satisfies both comfort and SUPER FLYSkool Style – I call it“THE TRACKSUIT”with a twist.

Tracksuits are just as culturally relevant now as they were in the 60′s where they made their first debut  being worn exclusively before or after sports activities…Now they are a style statement to be reckoned with.

Skool Style - white 2


Skool Style - white 3


Skool Style - white 1


Skool Style - 100


Skool Style - blue 2

Skool Style - blue 1


Emoji Tracksuits: Ebay, Between £17.00 – £19.00

Watch the Skool Style: December Tracksuit Edition video:

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