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In this week’s Skool Style, Shara shows us how to brighten up a dull Autumn day. 

Shara speaks…

Today I woke up to grey skies and spitting rain, “Hmmph. Well, this is great…I’ve got errands to go on.” I thought.  So, what do I do?

I wear my colours of course!  Who said you can’t get the bright look whilst still dressing practical for the season?

Shara Floral FR

Item 1: Jeggings
Where? - H&M, £12.99
I firmly believe that a good pair of plain blue or black jeggings / jeans is a good base for any outfit, whether you want to keep it simple or pair them with some prints or block colour. These particular jegs don’t have belt loops, making cheaper than the £14.99 ones I usually wear.
Shara Floral 3 FR
Item 2: Shirt
Where?Rokit, £3.00
For those of you who are not familiar with Rokit, it’s a vintage shop based in Covent Garden in London. I brought this shirt about a year a half ago and it’s still serving me well. The shop sells amazing clothes so if you’re off to London anytime soon, I would definitely recommend a one stop drop in. I love this shirt! I love the colour, particularly the length of it, the over sized collar and also the details on the cuff – these elements give it character, wouldn’t you agree?
Shara Floral 2 FRItem’s 3 & 4: Nail Polish & Ring
Where? - Miss Sporty, £2.49 & Lollapalooza By Dee, £15.00
This turquoise colour nail varnish by Miss Sporty is my favourite to at the moment. I love the vibrancy of it and it lasts a long time. My hands always feel empty when I’m not wearing a ring, my favourite statement rings to wear are these beautiful hand made rings by Lollapalooza By Dee – they also come in lots of different colours and variations – you should definitely get one…or 10!
Shara Floral 5 FR

Item 5: Coat
Where?Next, £20.00
This dress coat is so cute! It’s a great transitional item with lovely detailing at the top, it’s even got a waist belt so I can wear it open or pull it in at the waist to create a full volume look at the bottom.

Shara Floral 4 FRItem 5: Ankle Boots
Where?Zara, £30.00
Can we JUST discuss these beauties for a second please? Zara has come through for me once again with these gorgeous cut out ankle boots. They’re not too high making them perfectly practical for the Winter season, plus the block heel and deep grips means you can rock them for every day casual wear.

And there you have it Skool Girls, my Autumn print frenzy is complete :D

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