Skool Shopping Basket: Tee’s To Represent
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That moment when you don’t even need to open your mouth, because your tee SAYS IT ALL! Here’s a selection of some of favourite t-shirt and jumper picks that will add a pop of STATEMENT to your outfit.

Black Lives Matter

Stand up for justice!


£9.60 from Binghi’s Boutique


Thou Shalt Not Conform

To remind people that you are a leader and never a sheep!

Not conform

£35.00 from Anna Seven London


Black Girls Are Magic Hoodies

Nothing wrong with representing who you are and being proud of it girl!


£20.66 from Black Girl Magic Campaign on teespring


Thou Shalt Change the Game

Let them know that you came to SLAY!

Thou Shalt Change The Game

£22.00 from Anna Seven London


Be Happy

May we suggest you wear this on a Monday, its great motivation to start your week!

Be Happy

£6.61 from SheIn



This is for when your rollin’ out with the home girls, they won’t dare mess with all of you.


$35.00 from Pardon my fro


Thou Shalt Not Fear

Give yourself that extra boost of confidence and remember the only one you should fear is God.

Thou Shall Not Fear

£22.00 from Anna Seven London



You are a Queen, ‘SAY IT, MEAN IT!’ Now hold your head high, walk out the door and be fabulous!


£11.56 from SheIn


*EDITORS PICK*Wake. Pray. Slay.

This is actually the perfect order. Not much more to be said.


Its sold out everywhere we’ve looked! (can be viewed on SheIn)


Its A Beautiful Day To Save Lives

Always remember that you have the power to change someone’s day, whether its through a smile, word of encouragement or a helping hand…be nice just because you can.

Its a beautiful day

£15.69 from SheIn

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