Skool Girl Takes Yellow Smile Day 2014 International!
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Tee Yellow
Wear yellow, be happy and smile! 

In May 2013 I was both honoured and privileged to be appointed an Ambassador for the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation.

The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation is a charity based in Birmingham, England set up to support young people with confidence building and creative development as well as honouring the legacy of Chanel-Lee Easy who sadly passed away in October 2011.

On Thursday 22nd May 2014 the charity celebrated its Annual ‘Yellow Smile Day’ a day whereby we honour the dreams, vision and life of Chanel-Lee, the 22nd is the day of her birth and on this day we remember her beauty, her smile, her dream to change the world and celebrate the different expressions of creative art.

Since I am away in Holland, I was gutted I couldn’t celebrate Yellow Smile Day back in Birmingham, so instead I teamed up with Impact Hub Amsterdam and took Yellow Smile Day international. There were lots of pictures, video recordings, yellow outfits and big smiles all round.

Do you want to know something else? I also released my debut single, ‘Dry Your Eyes’as part of Yellow Smile Day. Dedicated to Chanel-Lee, Dry Your Eyes is a word of encouragement for anyone whose ever felt like giving up. Bringing together acoustic and r&b influences, I hope to give you all a truly uplifting musical experience whilst evoking a reflective state of mind and reminding you not to be discouraged when faced with life’s many challenges.

Listen to Dry Your Eyes  - *Click*

Watch our ‘HAPPY YELLOW SMILE DAY 2014!’ home video: 

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