The Shopaholic Book Series By Sophie Kinsella is My New Fashion Fix!
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Fashion Fix CRThis is the kind of book series that will make you snuggle up in a onesie with a cup of hot chocolate.

Rebecca Bloomwood is the main character in the books. She’s twenty something, loves to shop, and sometimes (no, actually all the time!) gets into trouble with her spending habits. However she always finds a way to make things work and has an amazing positive attitude.

Becks has great taste in clothing, loves designer brands, and has the same problem as me – when she sees something she likes she has to resist the temptation to buy it! The truth is half the time she doesn’t need it and definitely can’t afford it (story of my life with shoes). It may sound superficial, but this series is far from it.

Each Shopaholic book describes Becky juggling different areas and struggles in her life including climbing the career ladder, pleasing her parents, balancing finances(terribly), relationship issues, contemplating getting married… pretty much what most twenty – somethings go through. If you want a good laugh, escapism and a fashion fix without spending much, this is for you!

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May I also add another one of my favourites of Sophie Kinsella’sThe Undomestic Goddess. It’s about a strong independent high powered lawyer, who loves to wear top knots, sharply tailored two piece suits, and is at the height of her career.  Unexpectedly she gets fired and is forced to explore life from a different perspective. She realises she is actually much happier without the mountain of stress on her shoulders. I love this book because it shows that although she was a powerful woman in her field, she spent all of her time at a desk and wasn’t living – she was existing. This book taught me that it’s okay to be at the top of your career, but it’s important not to neglect yourself and forget to enjoy living life at the same time.

So Skool Girls, have yourself a very merry reading time with Sophie this season!

PS: Now all I need to do is get my hands on her new book Shopaholic to the Stars. EEK! – I’m so excited to read this.

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