“I Remember That Winning Moment of Reaching The Dots Global Leader Board!”
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So, I am a self-claimed Dots addict!

It all started when my former boss introduced me to the game, unlike a lot of employer-employee relationships, we actually get along very well, in fact my boss knew me well enough to know that I love these sort of simple yet highly addictive games.

I was hooked instantly and that was that, to the point where I would go into the toilets during work hours just to play! (is that bad?)

My addiction even turned into healthy competition – the boss and me would compete daily to see who could collect the most dots, well until the day he quit playing because it was distracting him from doing his ‘bossily’duties. Was it distracting me? Yes, but personally I loved it too much and was too far gone into my addiction to get rid of the game.

I must confess, ever since being introduced to Dots it has become such a big part of my life. I don’t see this as a bad thing though, in fact I genuinely think it’s been great for me! You see the thing is, I have an extremely short attention span, hence the reason why I find it hard to concentrate on just one thing at a time, and this is where Dots comes in. Whether I’m watching a film, TV, reading or even having a conversation, playing Dots splits my concentration and stops me from going CRAZY. Literally. Although this isn’t the only reason…


Part of my addiction HAS come down to me being extremely determined. When I get a high score I HAVEto beat it and won’t stop till I do. This determination has led me right up to my greatest victory yet – the weekly GLOBAL leader board (TWICE!)

I remember the first time I reached the leaderboard; I was living in Amsterdam with three other girls who were all too aware of my Dots addiction (the game makes a vibrating sound every time I make a square, lucky for them this sound became the soundtrack of their lives for three WHOLE months). That moment, when I saw my name on the leader board I SCREAMEDand my roommates asked me what all the racket was about. I ran into the living room to share my winning moment with them all, but (not) to my surprise I was greeted with two blank faces and one smiling face – this was my friend Tee, who told me how proud she was of me. LOL!

And yet today I still remain a Dots champion! I made it to the leader board for the second time, although this time I was home alone so there wasn’t anyone to share my achievement with, nevertheless who needs people when you have social media. Too right, I took to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp! And yes in case you’re wondering, it was very necessary for the world to know, okay?! People will never understand why I am so excited by this ‘seemingly’meaningless game, but the truth is, it has become somewhat of a full time hobby for me, you know kind of like a competitive sport! Speaking of competition, Dots also provides the option of challenging people across the world. I have been in a consistent battle with a player called Will.H for about 6 months. I don’t know him personally from Adam, but I do know that I am better than him at Dots!

The dots that you collect in each game are saved up, I currently have 4,734,970 dots in the ‘bank’- that’s nearly 5 MILLION!  If only I could exchange this for real money!!!

My aim is to reach the TOPof the all-time global leader board, then I will finally get rid of the game. (okay I’m lying.)

PS: Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I have been playing Dots whilst writing this. About 5 times :) .

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