Do We Really Learn Life Survival Skills From Ants?
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Stop Ants



Abstract: This column piece is an allegory concerning the mass lack of awareness to social, political and economic injustice. The Ants represent a mentality that avoids accountability and simply carries out tasks with no conscious or conscientious cognizance. 

Zuriel speaks…

How often do you hear people glorifying the Ants dem?

How many parables and proverbs must we hear putting these Ants on a pedestal?

No, this is getting serious now, it is vital no, critical to our survival as humans to put right this blasphemous, false flag rhetoric that honours these Babylonion Ants.

Basically #StopAnts2016 and let me tell you why… 


What has been said about the Ants?

Ants Don't Serve Grasshoppers
Now we have Aesop’s infamous parable about the Ants and the Grasshopper:

The Ants work tirelessly throughout summer gathering vital stock, while the grasshopper lounges around, enjoys his summer and mocks the Ants for their efforts. This continues all season and(presumably) through Autumn until Winter. However, Winter is when it all goes down, the Ants have gathered their impressive harvest and the Grasshopper is a little hungry, as his fun summer did not include putting away food. The Grasshopper is at his wit’s end and decides there is nothing else he can do but ask the ants whether they could hold man down for a bit.

Unfortunately, the Ants issued an official statement confirming the events mentioned but refused to comment upon whether they supplied charity for the Grasshopper.

Scriptures in the Bible endorse the Ants, many of which are under the guise of Proverbs:

Proverbs 6:6-8 NIV
6 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!
7 It has no commander, no overseer or ruler,
8 yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

Proverbs 30:25 NIV
25 Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;

I know, I know.




What conspiracy is there around the Ants?

For the sake of my safety this next section must stay between you and me, I have been brave enough by not publishing this article under an Anonymous profile as I am apart of the revolution.

The mainstream story circulated about the Ants by the powers that be are from a Greek document that has several names: Aesop’s Fables or Aesopica and the Perry Index. However, in this document there is an alternate fable regarding the Ants which appears as ’166′ which contains a shockingly contrary narrative. This account describes the Ants unknown origin, stating that the first ancestor of the Ants was once a human whom was a farmer so devout; his occupation consumed him.

He began to fixate and obsess over his crops, this unfortunately led to him becoming dissatisfied with his tremendous work and he fatally plundered (stole) his neighbour’s crops in the mystique of the night.

This was fatal because the farmer angered not only the Gods but the king of the Gods! Who in godly rage turned this man into the form of Ant, in his profound wisdom the king of the gods left this Ant with the same tendencies. It is said, that still until this day the Ants roam around the earth gathering the fruits of other people’s labour, storing them up for himself.

The moral of this story: It is easier to change the appearance of a man than to change his heart.




Why the revolution?

Remember history is often the Victor’s tale and I can only suggest that you adhere to my warning.

Let us have a critical glance at this debacle:

·     Why are children only told the account of the Ants which paint them as wise and hard-working?’

·     Where is the food that the Ants are gathering coming from, is it stated anywhere that they are in the farming industry?

Because they are not farmers, they are BANDITS!Also lets talk about some integral human values, what about being humble, honourable, forgiving, turning the other cheek and being the bigger insect?! When the Grasshopper swallowed his pride and came to the Ants(allegedly) the Ants turned away the Grasshopper.

Few media outlets, such as the BBC (which should stand for the Brave Broadcasting Company) have actually went on record with these allegations.I promise I am not applying for a role at BBC with the sheer amount of courage I am about to display, by reporting an even darker rumour.

This rumour has it that due to the Grasshopper being stupendously bigger than the Ants, he did not take ‘no’ for an answer. Unlike the king of the Gods his rage was not godly, he in fact took the harvest by force and committed unheard of Genocide on the Ants‘s Colony. Legend has it that a small amount of the infants (I will save the story of the trafficking of child Ants for another dark day.) and elders were spared by the Grasshopper and this is why you may catch them aimlessly wandering through your home!

The elders decided that it is best that knowledge of the Genocide must be concealed; some say it was advised by the Colony’s Public Relations Officer (before her violent murder) with worldwide public perception in mind. Others, (who cannot be named) say, the Grasshopper has gained military occupation of the government of the Ants’s Colony, and through this influence prohibited the disclosure of this mass Genocide.

Think about what the Ants are doing, tireless working, for their whole existence. This is not noble nor admirable, not even useful it is naive and pitiful. If the Ants are always working, then who is enjoying the fruits of their labour?


While the Ants are undoubtedly pure evil there is in fact a much larger evil machine at work and I shall reveal this awful, disgusting, heart wrenching, soul destroying, capitalist, repugnant machine…That is the Food Chain®!


Think about the precarious position that the Ants are in – tireless work, (granted by any means necessary) but their whole society is susceptible to be colonised at any given moment by any species that is higher on the Food Chain. The Food Chain® machine promotes nothing but mass destruction and extinction to societies worldwide all for the gain of someone higher. Now why does this sound familiar? Oh, that’s right, because the same thing happens to us too. This is definitely a discussion for another day.




What is the lesson?

Bugs Life Together Quote
Understand, we should not feel sorry for the Ants, we should respect their story and learn from it. Then ensure the same thing does not happen to us. I feel there are two important lessons:

1.     When we are working, it is best to not work alone and to only consider the task from one perspective.
For example, the Ants work just because. We should either cogitate (see this week’s Positive Dictionary) about the task from multiple perspectives or have group dialogue with others doing a similar task. This will prevent your exploitation and liberate you to realise that work is just the completion of a task not your life.

Remember: The right hand must know what the left is doing, unity is power.

2.     Having a great work ethic is only half of the battle my friend.
Understand the grand scheme of anything and everything that you are involved in. Do not be a cog in a dishonourable machine such as the Food Chain® take pride in what you do and what ever is a sum of your parts.

Remember: Work ethic is nothing without righteous application

In my honest opinion…
The Ants find themselves in this perilous position on the Food Chain® because they are so fixated at the task ahead they do not notice that they’re an insect at the bottom of the food chain.


Please. Stop. The. Ants2016


Who’s with me?
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