Pharrell Williams In The Simpsons?…Now This I Gotta See!
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Pharrell Williams CR (2)
One of my favourite people in music will be starring as a Simpson tonight in the US…I’ll happily sip a cup of mint tea to that!

My liking of Pharrell Williams has been apparent since my secondary school days as he plastered my German books…So anything he’s in I’m there. I don’t even watch The Simpsons, but I DO NOW!

Tonight (February 8) Pharrell will appear in the animated TV series in an episode called Walking Big & Tall.

Starring as himself, in the episode he offers to write a new anthem” for Springfield…Whilst wearing his signature Grammy’s hat of course! The episode is based on a true story about a Milwaukee TV station in the Eighties hiring a composer to write a song for the local town.

At last PW joins the likes of Britney Spears and Simon Cowell who have made cameos on the show.

Is it me, or does he look just as super fly as a cartoon? BOOY!

Pharrell as a Simpson CR

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