Paying Homage To Idris Elba
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As some of you may already (or may not) know just before the end of 2015 it was announced that actor Idris Elba was recognised in The Queens’s New Year’s Honours List and will be receiving an OBE.

We could not be more happier for the star of BBC One‘s addictive crime drama – Luther and we thought it was perfect timing to highlight some of our favourite Elba films…


Daddy’s Little Girls – Zuriel speaks…
For me this is without a doubt the most important role Idris Elba has ever played. His character Monty  is a father of three girls who is just about getting by financially. However what he lacks in finances he makes up for in nobility, when faced with a difficult position as his mother who was looking after his children becomes ill. Instead of allowing the children to be in a dire situation with their mother who was with a known drug dealer, he instead seeks the help of a lawyer he meets through picking up extra work.

For me what makes this role so significant is that Monty was going to be a successful athlete then a wrongful rape claim ruined his career. This explains both his character and financial situation. Seeing a representation of  a Black man that is realistically working through adversity gives a glimpse into the everyday struggle that ordinary people go through. While I am not the biggest Tyler Perry fan (and I prefer Luther),  I have to stand up and salute Tyler Perry’s willingness to tell other stories about African-Americans which are positive and in the ‘real world’.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom - Shara speaks…
It most certainly has to be Mandela. Yes we’ve seen him acting in films such as the Takers or Daddy’s little girls with that husky deep voice (swoon), however the way he embodied and played the role of Nelson Mandela on screen was just absolutely superb. He was able to embody Mandela as a young man right the way through to being an old man. I like Idris Elba because he not only pours himself into every part that he plays, but he has shown he is a very versatile actor as can be seen throughout his body of work, from appearing in comedy shows such as Girlfriends in the early 2000’s (which is one of my favourite TV shows) to playing more serious roles such as Luther, not to mention him being a UK actor makes him more relatable and a role model to up and coming actors and actresses.

Obsessed - Tee Cee speaks…
If like me you love a bit of drama – thriller – love vs war – the old Beyonce‘…Then this is definitely the film for you. No, its not the best of Idris Elba but lets not deny that this film is just down right entertaining! Not only do we have to see him fight off Ali Larter, who may I add plays a very convincing mentally deranged “over her love sick head”psychopath, but again we see him as family man. His character Derek represents an affluent African-American man who has it all - successful job as an asset manager, who receives a huge promotion, blissfully happy in his marriage to Sharon (played by Be). But as we already know success does not exempt you from the realities of life, nor does it excuse you from being stalked and having everything you have ever worked hard for torn apart in a matter of moments. Idris as always makes this film come alive and plays his part so well you’ll find yourself screaming “LEAVE HIM BE YOU MANIAC, HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!!!”

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