New Gadgets: January Edition
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New Gadgets January Edition WR
The human mind never ceases to be creative. Check out these super cool products!

Ceramic Camera Lens Cup
Lens Mug
I LOVE THIS CUP! Who would have thought of sticking tea in a cup…that looks like a lens…But its a cup! 9.5 points for innovation. It’s Winter, it’s cold and for those of you who are not particularly keen on hot drinks, this will definitely give you a reason to like them. As for the tea lovers, this will give a bit more substance to your hot drink experience. I’ll drink mint tea every day if it’s served like this!

This Mug is made out of quality ceramic and as you can see is designed to look just like a real camera lens! It’s the perfect size, fits into your hands like a glove and like the camera will help you focus on your tea fix.

This is an ideal gift for a photographer friend or a general treat for yourself!

Measures: 14cm(H) x 8.3cm (DIA)
Price: £8.99

The Wonderful Powercube
5 sockets and 2 USB ports in ONE cube?…My prayers have been answered!

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had the frustration of our phone, laptop, tablet and everything else deciding to DIE at the same time! Now there are plenty of spaces to power all of your gadgets

The ‘wonderful’powercube is so convenient its ridiculous. Have you ever been at home or somewhere else and you are literally stretching like Buzz LightYear to reach the nearest available power outlet that just happens to be on the OPPOSITE side of the room. Hmmph.

The PowerCube solves this problem allowing you to mount multiple power sockets where it is the most convenient. The number of outlets can be expanded according to your needs, it has a 1.5 meter extension cord fitted to it, and a stick-on dock. It’s certainly ideal for your desktop so there won’t be anymore ducking beneath your desk to plug in your laptop, which sneakily went down to 7% out of nowhere! Best part of all, it also includes a USB port. so your mobile phone can be recharged from your desktop too.

Includes: a 1.5 metre cable, five sockets, a twist and lock docking station and two USB ports.
Price: £15.37
From: Handpicked

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