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During the month of March, on Skool Girl Online we are (unapologetically) celebrating our fellow SHERO’s past and present and giving them the recognition they deserve, WHY? because ‘we’re worth it!(and let’s be honest the world couldn’t function without us).”
1. Nominations – Who would you like us to celebrate this month in our N.Y.A.G and Inspirational Women sections:
-      Not Your Average Girl (NYAG). N.Y.A.G is a platform showcasing the successes of young females (aged 13-25) in all aspects of talents, accomplishments and giftings from business, dance, fashion, singing, journalism, sports, poetry, modelling, academics etc and highlighting their outstanding achievements and positive contributions in their journey so far.
-       Inspirational Women – This showcases and explores the success journeys of the more mature woman who is established in her field / business / industry.Please send your nomination along with a brief bio and photo to with the subject line Skool Biz nomination
2. Skool Notice Board – If you have an event or a great opportunity that you would like us to know about and promote, you can email us with additional information or let us know on social media using the hash tag – #skoolnoticeboard
  1. Diary of a Skool Girl – For this feature you can submit a diary entry in which you tell your version of a story, event or life experience (Here are some examples.) We’d like to know about any experiences you have had where you felt inferior as a woman. Did you feel like you couldn’t take a certain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subject in school? Did you feel you had to dress a certain way to be taken seriously? Did you feel like you had a voice or was you embarrassed to speak up or voice your real thoughts because you are a woman? Tell us what happened and what you’ve learnt from that experience, what advice would you give to your past self in that situation now.
  2.  My Life – Have you ever campaigned for the rights of girls and women? It could be anything from going on a march, standing up for women’s rights in the workplace, speaking up for women in domestic violence or helping fight against female genital mutilation. Whatever it is we want to hear from you and talk to you about your work.
  3. Dear Aunty Esha Advice questions. – These can be sent in at any time. Do you have a burning question or would like some advice that you cannot possibly ask a friend or family member about? Well, Aunty Esha’s a qualified Counsellor and is here to help you, she always knows just what to say.
Skool Style: POWER SUIT Edition – This is not just any ordinary suit, this is your I CAME TO SLAY and I MEAN BUSINESS suit but one with a funky twist. Send in a picture of your power suit with the subject line: Power Suit March. Readers can join in on Instagram with the hash tag #skoolstyle if we like it we will #regram
Note: If you are a signed model please send your photo with a signed model release / If you are under 18 please send your photo with some form of consent release from a parent or guardian.
Hair and Nails: We are looking for DIY hair and nail tutorials based on the theme “SHERO”. This means bold and unapologetic! If you are considering submitting a video tutorial for Skool Girl TV please ensure that it is your own original content and it cannot be already published on another platform.
Skool Trips: We are always looking for contributors to go to different events and review them or if you have a recommendation for an event you’d like to review on behalf of SGO let us know and we’ll make the connection.
Books: We have two books up for review ‘The Glass Ship’ by Martin Simon and ‘Lucky Boy’ by Shanthi Sekaran - let us know if you would like to read and write about it for SGO.Relationships: In celebration of mothers day we are looking for crazy stories, mad adventures and tear jerking memories about  ‘Me and my Mom’ – send us your stories with pictures about you and your Mommy.SUBMISSIONS NEED TO BE EMAILED TO SUBMISSIONS@SKOOLGIRLONLINE.CO.UK
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