Cucumber Face Mask
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Cucumber face mask
Want the easy way to hydrate the skin and tighten pores? Follow these fun steps to make a Cucumber face mask. Branded a ‘super food’, Cucumber is a good source of Vitamin B,  known to cleanse and replenish the skin (especially for
irritations and sunburns). No wonder it’s so popular in today’s beauty products!

Ingredients You Will Need
1 Cucumber
Half a Cup of Yogurt
1tbs of Milk Powder
A Blender

Step 1 – Peel
Peel your cucumber and cut it up into little cubes, as your cutting your cubes add them into the food blender.

Step 2 – Get Your Blender Ready
Get your half a cup of yogurt and add it to the cucumber that’s already in the blender.

Step 3 – Milky Bit
Next add the milk powder into the blender, all of your ingredients are now all ready to be blended!

Step 4 – Blend It All Together
Blend the mixture until it looks like a smooth thick paste, we don’t want the face mask too runny!

Step 5 – Apply And Enjoy
Once your face mask is complete, apply the paste to your face and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water, which closes your pores and tightens your skin.

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