How To Make Home-Made Argan Nail Balm
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When they say that guys pay attention to detail, they’re not lying!

A pet peeve for most guys are unkempt nails. Yep this means your face, hair, make-up and outfit maybe be on point, but shabby nails can make him question your ability to take pride in yourself.

Your nails don’t necessarily need to be painted with shellac tips and diamantes but you can do basic care maintenance like making sure they are healthy, strong, clean and tidy.

With Melissa and lemon essential oils, this homemade nail balm recipe from Neal’s Yard Beauty Book will leave your nails smelling ‘deliciously clean.’

Skool Tip: Recommended for weak nails


You will need:
1 tsp Argan oil
1 tsp Evening Primrose oil
1 tsp Cocoa butter
1/2 tsp Beeswax
5 drops Melissa essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil
2 drops Mandarin essential oil
1 drop Myrrh essential oil

How to make:
Heat the oils, butter and beeswax in a bain marie until the wax has melted. Remove from the heat.
2. Add the essential oils and mix well.
3. Pour into a sterilized jar and leave to cool before placing the lid on. Store in cool, dark place. Keeps for up to 3 months.

How to apply:
Gently massage into nails and cuticles. Re-apply as required.

Extra information:
What is a bain-marie?
A pan of hot water in which a cooking container is placed for slow cooking

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