Lollapalooza By Dee Rings Have Got Me Hooked!
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I don’t usually wear rings – that was before I discovered the new jewellery brand Lollapalooza by Dee (LBD Gems for short) and since I’ve been hooked!

I wear them every day and you can see them featured in almost every style post on my fashion blog.

So, what’s so spesh?

Have you ever experienced that fulfilling moment of discovering something that’s just SO YOU! Bold, colourful and a statement maker.

These enamel rings are also handmade, making them truly unique and original.  Here’s a peek at my lovely little collection… GORGE. I know right?

Lollapalooza By Dee Rings CR

The Square Ring
Square Rings FR
These babies will certainly snatch everyone’s attention when you’re doing your L’Oreal hair flick!. I particularly love the embossed patterns that have been moulded onto the surface giving off a retro look and adding some FOINE-ACE texture!

The Circle Ring
Circle Rings FR
This style of ring compliments softer drapier clothing such as skater skirts or a dress coat. They are such a statement maker, you really won’t need any add on accessories .

The Butterfly Ring
Butterfly Ring FR
This ring has Summer 15 written all over it…YAASS!!! It’s great to add a tiny pop of colour for Winter. I especially like the shape and hand painted gold over the top, it really brings out the design detail.

The Flower Ring
Flower Ring FR
Nothing says ‘flower power’ more than this little cutie pie! The style reminds me of everything spring, girly, and fabulous!

As the ultimate LBD Gems fan I genuinely appreciate how much thought the brand has put into these beautiful rings. I think it’s safe to say I’m a customer who won’t be going anywhere else for the time being!

‘Lollapalooza by Dee’ will be launching in January 2015!

For more information:
Twitter: @LBDGems

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