Jade’s Nails: Extreme Rainbow Glitter
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JR Cover Ready 2
If your nails are going to be on show, they may as well make a statement. Here I have created an easy step-by-step nail tutorial for you to try out if your really feeling EXTREME!

What you will need:

  • A set of false nails
    Fake Nails FR
  • A bottle of nail glue
    JR 3
  • Clear nail polish
    Nail Wash FR
  • A small makeup brush
    Brush FR
  • x4 Different coloured nail glitters
    Glitter Pot FR

Step 1
Prep your false nails to suit you e.g. use a nail file to change the length or shape.

Step 2
Proceed to apply your first glitter colour by using the clear nail polish as a glue and your small make up brush as an applicator.

Blue FR

Step 3
Apply your next colour in the same fashion, directly under previous colour to avoid gaps.

Rainbow FR

Step 4
Repeat step three until nail is covered.

Rainbow Nail FR

Step 5
Repeat steps until all nails are done.

Step 6
Apply two drops of nail glue to the back of the false nails one by one.

Step 7
Apply the false nail onto your real nail and press down hard to ensure it sticks. Repeat until full set is applied.

Step 8
Enjoy your EXTREMELY fabulous nails!

Jade’s Tip: False nails are optional, this look can be done on real nails, however more of each colour can be seen on longer nails!

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