An Interview With Georgia Box
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Meet Georgia Box, the 22-year-old singer, footballer and…Viral internet star!

Know for rewriting popular male songs, Georgia uses her online platform to give young women a voice and empower them through her music.

With over 90 million video streams, the unsigned music sensation has now teamed up with one of the UK’s hottest producers Tre Jean-Marie (Craig David, Wretch 32) to cow-write her latest track ’I Don’t Want You Anymore‘- a song which gives us an alternative perspective on breakups.

How does it feel to be a viral pop star – did you ever expect this level of success so early in your life?
t’s a really crazy feeling. I never feel any different and feel totally normal but then if I go out and get recognised it’s crazy, of course in an amazing way. I got recognised by a girl when I was on holiday in Turkey once, that’s when I knew that my music was really starting to travel. When I started posting videos online I did it for my pure love of it, so it’s unbelievable how it’s snowballed and I’m so grateful for it and all the support of all my fans.

As a pop singer and footballer – how do you balance your passions and varied lifestyle?
To be honest I don’t stop, but I LOVEit. As you said, both music and football are my passions, so I feel like I’m constantly doing something I love. I tend to spend most of my days working on online content or in the studio making music and being creative and then football tends to come in at weekends and some evenings. Of course it’s important that sometimes I give myself some time to just sit and relax but honestly music is my release and I feel very lucky to be able to do it daily!

Your new single was inspired by a recent break up. How did you get ‘over it’ and do you have any advice you can give to others on how to overcome a similar situation?
Haha yes, when I went into the studio with Tre Jean-Marie we both sat down and talked about what we could write about. I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend at the time and he had then got into another relationship the week after! I kept on receiving calls after this with people constantly checking in on me. I think there’s a typical stereotype of a girl after a break up, everyone thinks we sit and cry and dwell on it for ages, when actually for me in this situation, I was actually absolutely fine! That’s what my song I Don’t Want You Anymore is all about! Anyone can be totally fine after a breakup! My advice would be that of course break ups can be hard, but you WILL get through it, just realise how strong you are and how happy you can be on your own!

You have a huge online following. A lot of people aspire for internet fame, do you ever have any difficulties managing your life online?
At the moment I really enjoy managing everything online. I’ve got so many engaged fans and followers on there and I love engaging back with them and getting to know them all. I receive messages from people all the time saying how I empower them and to me that is everything I want and more. If my music can spread a positive message and helps people then the hard works paying off. I feel totally normal online the same as in real life. I see my followers as friends and it’s so important for me to always remember how I wouldn’t be where I am now without the people who engage with my music. They help me get to where I am and I’ll be forever grateful for it!

A lot of social media influencers speak up about the pressures and bullying that can come from being online. How do you empower yourself to keep posting content even if you don’t get good responses from people?
The internet is a crazy place but for me my experience on social media has been really positive and has got me to the position I’m in today. Of course there is always going to be negativity online. When I was younger I used to let this really get to me, however the more I’ve uploaded and the more I’ve experienced it I’ve began to realise that you can’t please everyone. Nine times out of 10 if people don’t like my music they’ll just scroll past it and I’m totally fine with that. I believe people who are very negative online could potentially be going through their own personal battles. So now if I receive a negative comment I simply delete it, block it and focus on all the amazing positivity I’ve got on the post!



Of course there is always going to be negativity online. When I was younger I used to let this really get to me, however the more I’ve uploaded and the more I’ve experienced it I’ve began to realise that you can’t please everyone.


You’re also passionate about female empowerment. What does ‘girl power’ mean to you?
Girl power to me is girls releasing their own strength. I think we are all so strong and can be so independent sometimes we just need reminding! Girls helping girls can be powerful! I think it’s also so important to understand that you do not have to conform to stereotypes! It’s easy to assume that a ‘pop singer’ has to be all sparkly, glitz and glam but while I love fashion and make up, I equally LOVE being in tracksuits and kicking a football. The world is a free place now and we should be whoever we want to be and do whatever makes us happy!

What do you do to relax?
If I have time in the evenings I do like to sit down and catch up on Hollyoaks! I love it haha!

 What’s one song you’re dying to cover but haven’t told anyone about yet?
 Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You - I LOVE this song.

What’s your top tip for singers who want to break the internet?
I would always say to be persistent! I started out three years ago posting videos weekly and only receiving about ten likes from friends and family. But I was uploading because I loved it, and I remained persistent, stayed motivated and continued posting every week. Crazily enough for me things started to take off. I truly believe if you’ve got a dream, you can ALWAYSachieve it if you work hard for it.

What else can we expect from you this year?
You can expect to see a music video for my new song I Don’t Want You Anymore. I’m going to be continuing to make music with some really cool producers and songwriters and hopefully release another song in the very near future.

What’s the ultimate piece of advice you would give to young women in 2018?
STAY TRUE TO YOU. You are most important. Be yourself and do what makes you happy. Take knock backs as learning curves and work hard for whatever it is you want to achieve.


I Don’t Want You Anymore video:

Georgia Box’s ‘I Don’t Want You Anymore’ is available to stream now oniTunes and Spotify

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