An Interview With ‘Dusty & Me’ Star Genevieve Gaunt
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 Dusty and Me Cover

This September is taking us back retro style with ‘Dusty & Me’,  a heartwarming tale of the bond between man and his best friend, ‘Slapper’ the Greyhound. 

Set in 1977, ‘Dusty’, an 18-year-old misfit befriends a lightning fast Greyhound named ‘Slapper’. The two become inseparable. When two thieves attempt to kidnap Slapper, Dusty must do all he can to protect her, and who better to help him than his crush from afar and out-of-his-league Chrissie played by Genevieve Gaunt. 

Skool Girl Online caught up with Genevieve to find out why ‘Dusty & Me’ is a must see film this Autumn!

Tell us about your character ‘Chrissie’ and what we can expect to see from her in ‘Dusty & Me‘?

Chrissie is a Yorkshire lass who works for her dad’s fish and chip shop in Leeds, 1977. She’s bright, determined, sassy and fun. Dusty and Me is about believing in yourself, but even more so about the power of believing in other people. Chrissie believes in Dusty and gives him the confidence to succeed.

 What has been a personal highlight of starring in the film?
Period drama is especially fun because you get to step back in time. 1977 costume and hair is wild and Luke Newberry (Dusty) and I got to dress up as punk icons Sid and Nancy. Greyhound racing was a fantastic experience- even at 7am in October running around after a dog in a mini skirt- we had such a laugh.

Aside from the greyhound ‘Slapper’ in the film. Who is your favourite on screen dog?
I think Verdell from the classic dark comedy ‘As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson is both adorable and hilarious.

If you had to describe yourself as a dog breed, which one best represents you?
I love Cockapoo dogs. They are affectionate, active and inquisitive and when they get bored or restless they can be naughty!

Luke Newberry (Left), Slapper and Ben Batt (Right)

Luke Newberry (Left), Slapper and Ben Batt (Right)

You have been acting since the age of 14, how did you manage the transition from being a child actress into adult roles?
I studied English at Cambridge University where I did lots of theatre from Shakespeare to Strindberg to Sondheim musicals. That’s where I got my agent (Dallas Smith at United Agents) so when I left university I went straight into the business.

What key things have you learned as an actress?
Exercise your mind, body and never forget your sense of humour.


Exercise your mind, body and never forget your sense of humour.


What’s your dream role and who would be your co-star?
My dream role is more about my dream project because you are only as good as your script and your story. Right now, it would be to write and star in a film like The Playeror Day for Night’. Dream casting would be Jake Gyllenhaal, Gabriel Byrne and Peter Saarsgard with actresses Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike and Helena Bonham Carter.

'Dusty & Me' cast at the racetrack.

‘Dusty & Me’ cast at the racetrack.

Are you currently working on any other projects, if so, what can we expect to see from you in the near future?
I have just finished doing a play called Monogamy at The Park Theatre in London and currently filming season 2 of Knightfall for the History channel. I play Princess Isabella who history would later call the She-Wolf of France. Many female characters are saints or sinners – she’s wonderful to play because she is both.

In a sentence, tell us why ‘Dusty & Me’ is a must see?
It’s feel good and funny.

What advice can you give to girls?
Be yourself; everyone else is taken.


Dusty & Me will be available in selected UK cinemas on 28th September and VoD on 1st October #DustyandMeFilm 

Ian Hart (Harry Potter/ Boardwalk Empire)
Genevieve Gaunt (Harry Potter/ The Face of an Angel)
Luke Newberry (In The Flesh/ Quartet)
Ben Batt (Captain America/ The Go-Between)

Director: Betsan Morris Evans (Lady Audley’s Secret/ Dad Savage) 

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