N.Y.A.G: An Interview With Rebecca Lees
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Becky Louise WR
Wolverhampton’s Rebecca Lees maybe 17-years-old, but she sure is one KICK-ACE fashion photographer!

Rebecca is currently a sixth form student studying A Level Photography and BTEC Performing Arts. Her passion for the camera most recently gained her a press pass to the Clothes Show Live 2014 where she photographed the Alcatel OneTouch Theatre catwalk and snapped selfies with celebrites.

One click at time, Rebecca is starting to liveTHEdream. In this interview she talks about her plans for 2015, the dream photography shoot and New York!


First of all, let’s go back to beginning! Where did you develop your passion for photography?
I first developed my passion for photography when I was in my first year of studying GCSE Art. As part of our work, we were asked to take some primary source photographs and being a creative, I didn’t want to take simple photographs so I found ways of challenging myself. Of course looking back now, I realise how much I have improved over the past couple of years. When it came to picking my A Levels, I chose photography because I enjoyed it. During my studies, I would build up a portfolio of different topics of photography ranging from natural forms to urban decay. While exploring these topics, I never really thought about going into a career involving photography. In March 2014, I attended The Photography Show in Birmingham where I put myself out to talk to famous photographers such as British portrait and fine Art photographer, Bruce Smith, about how to get recognised in the industry. I also volunteered on stage to do photography which made me want to pursue a career as a fashion photographer. Ever since, I have challenged myself to get out there and experience the many ways I can explore.

What was the experience like of being a press photographer at the Clothes Show Live?
My experience was unreal! I felt like I was dreaming especially when I got into the press pit for the Alcatel OneTouch Fashion Theatre! It was weird to think that the second time visiting the Clothes Show Live, I wasn’t just a shopper! What made it more exciting was that I had one of my closest friends Sophie by my side, supporting and helping me every step of the way. I loved meeting all the celebrities and friendly fans who took photos with our DIY human sized Instagram frame. I am hoping to go back again next year as press. I LOVE THE CATWALK!

What were your highlights of the show?
It’s hard to pick out the highlights. I loved all of it! Two of my favourite moments had to be snapping the celebrities with our frame and photographing the catwalk show. I really enjoyed how the theme of ‘New York, New York’was interpreted into the fashion and dances. What I love about the catwalk show is that it’s not your average catwalk, they involve different styles of dance into the show which I am also very passionate about as I have been into performing from a young age.

You are currently studying A Level Photography. Would you say you prefer to learn in an academic setting or are you more of a hands on person?
I’m a hands on girl! I find getting out there and exploring new things helps me develop and learn skills and techniques. Clothes Show Live gave me a chance to explore my camera settings more as I had to keep adjusting my aperture to take a photograph with the right amount of lighting while shooting the catwalk.
Becky Louise FR

“I’m a hands on girl! I find getting out there and exploring new things helps me develop and learn skills and techniques.”

What’s the next big event you would like to photograph at?
I would love to take photographs at the end of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalk! I am hoping to tick it off my bucket list before I die so until I get the opportunity, I am going to try and get more experience in taking catwalk photographs.

How do you plan to develop your skills in 2015?
I plan to develop my skills this year by finding shows and events to photograph at. I am hoping to build up my portfolio as well explore different topics and experiment with different lenses and filters. I would also love to be able to showcase my portfolio to the public by the end of next year.

If you had to describe your dream photography shoot, what would it look like?
One of my dream photography shoots would involve fashion blogger Luanna P, who is my fashion inspiration. I would love to travel to where she lives in New York for her to model against the beautiful scenery. I haven’t thought much into that shoot because I’d do anything as long as Luanna was in it! My second dream shoot would be similar to the Paco Rabanne EauMy Gold advert as I would love to work with a human sized champagne or martini glass! I would want to use Victoria Secret Angel model, Candice Swanepoel. The glass would be filled with some type of liquid and she would be wearing swimwear or lingerie. The swimwear or lingerie company that I would like to work with is Triangl as their products are so unique and colourful.

What advice can you give to a Skool Girl?
Every day is a new day which means another day to challenge and prosper! No matter how much you challenge yourself, it’s going to be hard but just keep swimming because it’s well worth it in the end!

Get in touch with Rebecca:
Website: www.beckylouisephotography.webs.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beckylouisephotos 
Twitter: @Becca_YMA6_Lees
Instagram: beckylouiselees

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