Inspirational Women: Neelam Meetcha
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Neelam Meetcha
Global Gift Wrapping Specialist Neelam Meetcha, is the Founder of Become An Expert NOW™ Coaching Academy and Creative Director of her own gift-wrapping services company.

A regular guest expert on the largest craft TV channel in the U.K, Ms Meetcha has worked with the likes of Xbox, 02, Virgin Media, Bafta and Nestle (just to name a few). Now in 2013, the business is in demand more than ever before and Neelam tells us how she did it all!

Growing up
I was always a very ambitious young lady and wanted to inspire and support people, especially my family. My father ran a successful business and my mother was the lead designer, but due to changes within the industry, they lost a few contracts and suddenly fell onto hard times. I decided to leave school at 16 and help my parents to pay their employees their wages. That was my first brush with contribution and determination to survive. I also loved being creative and little did I know that after a successful academic career I was going to ‘Stand in my power by embracing my art’ the name of my soon to be released book.

Ambitions and achievements
I began my career within the education sector initially as a Sign Language Interpreter and then trained to become a Specialist Lecturer for Deaf Undergraduates. However, after starting my own business, I started my journey to success including training with the Guinness World Book of Record holder for the largest and smallest gift-wrap in the world. After spending three amazing days with her, I started to create my own style of wrapping and voila, my services were in demand. My clients include, Bafta, National Geographic, 02, Virgin Media and Nestle (just to name a few). I claimed my expertise and now enjoy a life of financial freedom, travel, and most importantly quality time with my family.

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“after starting my own business, I started my journey to success including training with the Guinness World Book of Record holder for the largest and smallest gift-wrap in the world.”

Test and trials
My biggest challenge has always been creating balance between my family and business. Any mother, wife, entrepreneur who is trying to juggle their family and business will know exactly where I’m coming from. After many years of working within the education sector I fell ill at the peak of my career and boom, I was down like a ton of bricks. After many months in hospital and two surgeries, I had some time to myself and realised there was more to life and I couldn’t spend it working a 9-5 and I wanted to spend more quality time with my husband and kids. I then made the conscious decision to start my own creative business.

The future 
My businesses and career have always stemmed from creating balance in my family, ensuring that I am here for my children, my husband, and my extended family. My small business coaching programmes are geared at helping SME establish themselves as experts, reduce their working hours, increase their sales, and ultimately lead a life full of love, time, and fulfilment with their loved ones. One of the reasons my coaching programmes are so successful is that it teaches business owners how to create perfect balance between their family and business. My advice to business owners is to claim their expertise in order to increase their financial status so that they can live their higher purpose.

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