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Spice up your working life in the office or at home! Here are our technology picks of the month…

Boogie Board Sync 9.7″

It takes approximately 24 trees to produce a ton of printing and writing paper, so wouldn’t it be cool if you could find something elegant yet unapologetically digital to prevent this?

On this battery-powered 9.7” LCD tablet you can draw / write / doodle as if it were a pristine sheet of writing paper and when you’re finished, just tap the button at the top to clear the screen in an instant. No crumpled paper, no messy rubbings-out.

Skool says: ‘Save yourself the eco-guilt, and carry on scribbling like a pro.’

£79.99 from The Fowndry

Penclic KB3 Mini Keyboard in Black

The KB3 small size is designed to decrease strain on the wrists. Quiet-touch keys reduce noise, allowing you to utilise small keystrokes and minimise pressure when typing. Its great for when you are on the move and works for win, ios, android and connects via bluetooth or you can switch to corded connection.

Also soon available in Gold, Pink and Grey.

£79.99 from Penclic

Penclic D3 Corded Mouse

Finally a mouse solution for both lefties and righties! Not only is this pen shaped mouse unique, stylish and convenient most importantly its innovative pen grip helps to counteract health issues(such as Repetitive Strain Injuries)experienced with conventional mice by creating a more natural working position.

Suitable for both Mac’s and PC’s.

£49.99 from Penclic

AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case

Charge your mobile by hand anywhere, anytime, any place…Count me in!

The world’s first hand-cranked iPhone battery case is designed to charge your phone quicker than ever before whether you’re camping or powering your way through dawn at a festival. The best part is, you can keep it in your pocket.

£69.99 from The Fowndry

*EDITOR’S PICK* R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


I don’t care if hovering up dust and crumbs around your workstation looks extreme to your work mates…We like a clean desk round here!

This is ideal for any one who can’t take the stress of a grubby desk.

USB powered (convenience is bliss).

£12.99 from The Fowndry

Flic Wireless Smart Button
Picture this… You walk through your front door and, with one press of a Flic Wireless Smart Button on the wall, you dim the lights, and hit play on your music player.(Sold! to Tee Cee from Skool Girl Online)

But wait, there’s more…Always losing your mobile phone in the house? Set a Flic Button to make it ring. Out walking alone? Carry it as an emergency distress button. Maybe order pizza. Whatever it is just Flic!

£31.99 from The Fowndry

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