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Hand Creams From Love and Toast Web readyThere are certain items a girl must always have in her Skool bag, hand cream is one of them. There is nothing worse than seeing a young lady brazenly walk around with dry, cracked, crusty hands, come on now, you know your momma raised you better than that!

I have often warned the opposite sex to stay CRSTYAL CLEAR of “no hand cream” types, their a danger to themselves, never mind the rest of us. Or you could just take the less extreme approach and recommend this article for them to discover “the best Hand creams ever”, brought to you by the one and only, Love & Toast.

Summer’s here and your hands will certainly smell fresh, to sunshine death!


Gin Blossom Handcrème, $9.00. loveandtoast.com


Honey Coconut Handcrème, $9.00. loveandtoast.com


Mandarin Tea Handcrème, $9.00. loveandtoast.com


Paper Flower Handcrème,$9.00. loveandtoast.com


Pomme Poivre Handcrème,$9.00. loveandtoast.com


Sugar Grapefruit Handcrème,$9.00. loveandtoast.com

(Featured images via loveandtoast.com)
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