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Soul Jump is the WORLD’S FIRST kids animated virtual band who already boast over 50,000 followers on the popular kids app PopJam.

After building online success, the band is ready to take to the stage in a live performance at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood on Thursday 25th January. The show will see the onscreen cartoons (Ricky Clep, Colin, Joy, Jerakim, Rickelle, Ricky, DJ Sketch and Slugbe) come to life through real-life performers, creating a whole new level of audio visual entertainment.   

Skool Girl Online caught up with founder, producer & performer of Soul JumpMartyn Niman who tells us how he came to create a unique music experience for kids and families.

What made you want to create an animated cartoon band for kids?
My kids love music and listening to the radio and the music on the radio is really catchy but not always that appropriate for them. I also always loved the idea of an animated band and besides the Gorillaz which isn’t for kids, it hasn’t been done yet. I love animation and music – animated characters are so fun so putting the two things together is something exciting for all ages.

How did you form the band?
The characters came from comics I designed over the years and are based on myself and loosely based on friends of mine. For example the main character Ricky is very much based on me!

How have people responded to the band so far – do you think they get the concept?
People are starting to get it I think. We have 50,000+ followers on Pop Jam and the kids love the characters and find the band fun. Although, I think when people go to our January show and see all of us on stage with the animated music videos behind us. With comedy animations between the songs, they’ll get the full idea…

How do you make the video animations and how long does it take if you produce and perform the music too?
It takes ages to make a single animated music video. Each three to four minute animated video can take an animator over a month to animate. We have 14 videos so keeping us busy. We’re also rehearsing all 14 songs with six of us which includes practicing our vocal harmonies and comedy voices on the tracks, so it’s taking a lot of work, but we’re having a great time.

I really like one of your songs ‘Never Give Up’. Are all of your songs motivational, if so why do you think this is important?
Yes I write songs to try and get across positive ideas like persevering and dropping things for your friends. The music is all about empowering all of us to pursue our unique paths in life. We also have some songs which are just purely comedy like the song ‘Waiting in queue‘.

What do you hope to achieve with the band in 2018?
We are trying to get signed with a record label and launch big this year as well as launching our own TV series. We are aiming big!

Are there any collaborations in the pipeline?
Not at the moment but musically we’d love to collaborate with Bastille or Cold Play.

Do you have any more shows or possibly a tour lined up for the future?
All being planned – watch this space..

How have you grown your fan base and what’s the process been like?
A big event for us was the Children’s Media Conference where the owner of the app Pop Jam really liked my pitch and decided to launch us as a featured channel. We also have a big following on Viber where we have 28,000 followers. It has been a step by step journey with increasing interaction.

Who are your music influences and inspirations?
Growing up I loved Michael Jackson and how epic his songs as well as his creativity, production and messages in his music. Also, I like the bands Bastille, ChVrches  and 21 Pilots who I think are all really cool.

To stay up to date with Soul Jump and find out more about their show:

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