Gadget Show Live 2015, NEC Birmingham
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Time Machine
It’s about time Skool Girl had a technological change right?

Yes, I know, this isn’t our usual conventional type of Skool Trip but when the opportunity arose to attend press day for the Gadget Show Live 2015 I would have been senseless to say no…This is just what the Doctor ordered to step outside my “comfort zone.”

Back for its seventh year, the Gadget Show brings to you the latest gadgets in consumer technology! It’s just like it’s prime time Channel 5 TV show, but in REAL LIFE and BETTER!

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to appreciate a cutting edge gadget and believe me this is one event where you can find everything from time travelling cars to bean bags for your iPad.

The day kicked off behind the scenes in the Super Theatre with a sneak peak of the Back To The Future DeLorean time machine, where I also bumped into Gadget Show presenters – Jason Bradbury, Amy Williams MBE, Ortis Deley and Jon Bentley who appeared for pictures…And in Amy’s case a quick #NotYourAverage pose.

Tee Cee and Amy

So what did I find in the Gadget Show playground? Let’s just say I definitely discovered some cool, quirky toys to play with…

King Pin
King Pin WR

The first product I spotted…Well technically you can’t really miss a huge pinball machine. To my amazement this arcade model had only just been finished the same morning and is the first of it’s kind to hit the UK, so as you can imagine I felt EXTREMELYprivileged to be the first person of the day to test it out.

Speaking to the owners, best friends Phil and Ben, they said: “This will look good in any games room. It’s a must have product because it’s simple but fun.”

It’s certainly a game I would play with my best friend. The pinball machine reminded me of a time in my childhood when less was more. Playing it for the first time, my score was obviously so horrendous I shall not disclose, but it’s definitely something you can easily get addicted to. It’s no wonder Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey and three-quarters of the England team have one.

King Pin retails between £4,000 – £8,000
By Bespoke Arcades 

iBeani Tablet Stand
iBeani WR

I actually stood bewildered for four seconds and questioned why it was necessary for anyone to invent a sofa for a tablet? Then I realised this is exactly why they call it technology. It doesn’t have to make sense. Despite it being such a totally random product, I have to admit it’s innovative and quirky, just how I like em. The iBeani comes in an array of stylish colours and adds that extra convenience to your tablet experience that you probably never even knew you needed. It allows you to go completely hands free as you relax, watch or browse anywhere at any viewing angle.

iBeani retails from £24.99
By iBeani

Insta Lens
Insta Lens WR

These beauty’s come straight to you from South Africa. It’s the new way to transform your photo’s without having to always lug around a DSLR. The lenses include: a fish eye with a 180 degree bubble shaped wide angle, which is great for taking that quirky shot. the wide angle macro which extends your photo by a whopping 33 per cent, in other words your close up’s just got even closer, the polarizer with it’s ability to increase colour intensity for those Kodak sunset snaps, the super with it’s 235 degree panoramic shot to capture the best of nature’s  beauty and the zoom which gives the clear photo experience you deserve. This is truly a unique way to capture the memorable moments that matter in high quality whilst on the go and for the price, I’d definitely say they’re worth it.
Insta Lens WR 2

Insta Lenses retail at £25.00 each
By Insta Lens

Vibe Interchangeable Watch
Vibes Watch
An interchangeable watch? Beyond genius. An interchangeable colourful watch. I’m now a customer. Vibe allow you to get personal and exclusive as it allows you to design your ideal watch to your desired taste. The colour combinations are endless with an array of faces, watch straps, cases and bezel’s to choose from. Individuality just stepped up it’s game with these time pieces and they’re worth the investment.
Vibe Watch 2

Vibe interchangeable watch retail from £29.95
By Vibe Watch  

Helium T900 Bluetooth Speaker
Let’s face it, Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but the Helium T900 makes it look like a whole NEW invention. The splash proof gadget will light up any atmosphere as you watch the beat of your favourite music bedazzle with a series of changing flashing lights. It features five different animations including: Club – where you can watch your music bounce in time with the music as the animation rotates to pulse,  Equalize – LEDs light up to create stunning graphics, Groove – the speaker cycles through a burst of different colours, Rainbow – giving you the ultimate party effect and Meteor – bands of colour to pulse up the speaker. Your music experience will never be the same and you can now take the party wherever you go. Trust me, with this, your friends will thank you!
T900 2

Helium T900 retails at £39.95
By Red 5 Gadget Shop 

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