Editor’s Letter: Time Is A Healer
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Triple Threat - Slay Orange

Okay, before you continue reading, please click on the link below but DON’T PLAY just yet (you may want to open a seperate tab and copy and paste the link into…Sorry about the awkwardness the silly ‘embed code’ from SoundCloud would not cooperate!)

Link >> https://soundcloud.com/skool-girl-online/the-not-your-average-girl-legacy-yeah-i-slay

I decided to do something a bit different this month.

About two weeks ago I was asked to present a show and tell at work but I didn’t want to do it in the most obvious and conventional way, so I decided to tell my story like this…

*This is the part where you play the SoundCloud audio*

Healing is a journey, agreed?

My Mom always says to me ‘pain is pain until it stops hurting’and she’s right.

A lot of the painful experiences I spoke about in the audio took me years to get over and it used to aggravate me that they could sporadically creep up into different areas of my life and attack me whenever they felt like it. However, the truth is that although time had past and my mind had become occupied with a new chapter, subconsciously I was still hurting, but the statement above reminds me that this is okay.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it…It’s okay to hurt and be in pain…Because you are human!

I have come to understand that when it comes to pain, especially matters of the heart there are just no short cuts. You have to allow yourself to go through it and in time the healing process will set you free when its good and ready.

Its no cliché when they say that time is a healer…It truly is.

So to everyone out there who has ever been hurt (which should be everyone unless you’re just that fortunate) this Skool Girl theme is for you.

Here’s to your month of healing and beyond. Get mad, acknowledge, embrace – whatever order you experience, you are not alone in this, Team SG, we gotchu x

To kick start you on your healing process, have a listen to this month’s *Heartbreak Healing* Music Playlist by Jade Richards >>[CLICK HERE]

Yours truly

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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