Editor’s Letter: Taking It To The Extreme!
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Let's Do This!“Calm down they say!”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”


Sometimes in life you need to shake things up a bit, get your foot in the mud, tear a few holes in your denim, get your fingers dirty…Of course, remember to carry hand sanitizer.

We often associate being‘extreme’with negative connotations, you know generally being over the top, rebellious and not complying with the rest of society. However, I look at it differently. In my world, extremity is all about reaching the highest level of greatness that there is, being out of this world EXCEPTIONAL, unusual and fascinating, abstract. It’s a side of life that takes you outside the box of conformity and this month we want to take you there SG’s.

In a training session at work, my trainer said:
“The first idea you think of is probably the most obvious, the second idea means you are starting to think a little more outside of the box but the third idea is the one you go for because it means you have taken the time to think about it properly. This means it’s the idea that people will least expect.”

Ask yourself, if there were no limits what would I REALLYdo? What would I REALLY say?

Give your mind permission to wonder, imagine and reach a new level of extremeness…You’d be surprised at how innovative you can be when you grant yourself total creative freedom.

This month Skool Girl Online says SAY ITand DO IT with NO LIMITS. Dare to be extreme.

Yours truly, as always

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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