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Skool Girl Photo Easter Holiday Message


First things first…It’s called a holiday for a reason, so do something fun, spend it with the people that matter and if you dare try something NEW.

This Editor’s letter was ORIGINALLY mean’t to go out in a newsletter for the beginning of March…But as you know, life happens…

Question…What does it mean to be original?

It’s funny because me and Shara were randomly having a conversation…

I said: ‘Imagine if Destiny’s Child did a reunion tour?’
Shara: ‘WHAT?! If they did, I would definitely have to go.’
Me: ‘I would only go it was the original Destiny’s Child.’

As in the original four, Beyonce’, Kelly, Letoya and LaTavia. Sorry Michelle…I guess I have never really accepted her as a DC member.

You’ll always find me babbling on about the importance of being authentic, or having originality whether it’s the first version of a product, service or idea or just generally being original in character as a person or style.

Originality is essentially, what makes the world go round, isn’t it? Not carbon copies. We live our lives with an expectation to be entertained by something that’s never been seen, heard of or done before, in other words, something original.

Remember last month I spoke about being who you are and embracing your identity…Well  Barbara Grizzuti Harrison once said: ‘There are no original ideas. There are only original people.’ Take Steve Jobs for instance, who’s to say that there weren’t 200 other people that contemplated the idea of a tablet? He just happened to be the one that got their first. Regardless of how pointless and unnecessary the product seemed at the time, he stood out as the original man who brought something different to the world, like Sir George Cayley who thought of the plane, like Charles Strite who thought of the toaster, like the Pharaohs in Ancient Times who thought of nail varnish…Not that they probably realised what they had invented at the time!

I think Shania Twain sums my point up perfectly: ‘I find that the very things that I get criticized for, which is usually being different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that’s making me successful.’

So with that being said, enjoy your Easter break Skool Girls and remember to be ORIGINAL…Trust me, it suits you!

Yours truly, as always

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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