Editor’s Letter: What Does It Mean To Be Strong?
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Well if you look at the idea of being “strong” in its literal sense, the obvious answer to this is some huge, stocky, muscular dude OR dudette with biceps that have their own heartbeat.

I remember the day I said to my Mom that if I could have super powers I would want to be like Mystique in the X-Men. This idea did NOT go down too well with her. Now if I could make a request for a super power I would ask for the ability not to rewind, fast forward, pause or even stop time, but for the strength to keep up with it!

This month I was keen to explore this whole concept of strength hence the theme “Super Human.”  Often we look at ourselves in the human state that we are and can underestimate the power that lies within us. Yes there’s no denying that we are fragile and incredibly vulnerable from time to time but when you consider the plethora of unexpected obstacles that life can throw at you and how quickly you learn to adapt in order to survive you realise that it takes someSERIOUS“super human strength” to do this. I mean come on girls when you consider having to adapt to bleeding from our vagina’s for a few days a month, you’d think we’d give ourselves a little more credit!

The point is we hang out with our selves every day and for this reason you can take for granted the million and one things your body and brain does in order to keep you Super Human like growing new skin, carrying oxygen to cells from head to toe and digesting your food.

When you put into perspective the significant elements built inside of you such as your ability to love, taste, imagine, touch, innovate and feel, you realise that you don’t need any special mutant power to be strong or powerful. The secret is simple…You are just as strong as you believe you are. Strength is more than your physical capability, it’s a mind-set.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend taught me an invaluable lesson I will never forget, he said:

“If you consider a seed its first stage in life is to have dirt thrown on it. Then it has to fight it’s way through the dirt in order to grow. This is like us as humans growing and fighting through obstacles that get thrown at us. However, with a little bit of sun, water and light the seed becomes a beautiful tree…But it’s journey doesn’t finish here. It’s next objective is to bear fruit for people to pick, but not fruit in it’s literal sense, I mean fruit of wisdom, kindness, love etc. When the tree bear’s fruit it has the ability to help others giving it the opportunity to grow new fruit and help even more people. If the tree bears bad fruit it’s no use to itself let alone anyone else.”

This may not mean anything to you now, but the day it digests with your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit just run with it.

This month I want to remind you that you, yes YOU…are super human.

Look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me:
“I am strong.
I am strong because I believe it
And because I believe it
My mind has received it.”

Love you girls, as always

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

PS: For those of you hitting Uni deadlines and taking exams this month, stay strong, focus and BREATHE. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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