Editor’s Letter: ‘Its no longer just a MAN’s world’
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I think we can confidently say that its no longer just ‘a man’s world’ anymore.
This year alone, we’ve seen women all over the world join forces and stand together as they boldly proclaimWomen’s rights are human rights.’ From Janelle Monae’ to Victoria Beckham and the girl next door, justice has been voiced in its most transparent form, reminding us all that equality has no racial prejudices, xenophobia, discrimination or gender bias butFREEDOM to be who we are. A woman is not just a woman…

A woman is a mother
A woman is a daughter
A woman is a wife
A woman is a friend
A woman is a nurturer
A woman is a producer
A woman is a giver
A woman is an artist
A woman is an activist
A woman is a global citizen
A woman is a change maker
A woman is a game changer
A woman is a human being
A woman is…a SHERO!
Just like a man, you, a woman deserves to be a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.’

Being an advocate for the celebration of women does not make you anti-men, it doesn’t even make you a feminist, it makes you a woman who see’s the worth and value of herself and is able to shine a light on other women so that they see the worth and value in themselves. SO…

During the month of March, on Skool Girl Online we are (unapologetically)celebrating our fellow SHERO’s past and present and giving them the recognition they deserve, WHY?because ‘we’re worth it!…And let’s be honest the world couldn’t function without us, just see what three women did for NASA in the 1960′s [click here]

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