Editor’s Letter: “Life has offered you a second chance, its called 2016!”
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Talisha Johnson - II
Ever found yourself asking ‘What’s next for me?’

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when its time to literally turn the page and start a new chapter.

Fortunately, my new chapter began sooner than I had anticipated. I’m in Manchester getting ready to start a new job at CBBC.  This is just what the Doctor ordered, I needed a change of environment as well as a new challenge, and I got it!

The next chapter means something ‘NEW’, whether that is new beginnings, a new attitude towards your education or school, new environment, a change of style, change of friendship circles, decluttering your bedroom of all the junk or taking on a new challenge or random hobby – its whatever you want to it be because its‘your next chapter’. Its whatever is going to elevate you into the next stage of growth and push you past your greatest potential.

By the way this doesn’t mean its going to be comfortable and not everyone will understand…But who cares?

A majority of you don’t often realise that your life is a book and you have a story to tell. Life is all about choices, we can choose to tell the world the most boring unadventurous, mediocre story, or we can be the addictive sequel they never want to stop reading. So which one will you choose?

Your next chapter can literally mean giving your bedroom a spring clean and getting floral scented candles to make it feel new and fresh. But whatever you do the key thing is to NEVER LOOK BACK. Once you begin your next chapter the only way is forward, leave the past where it belongs and embrace your present.

We wish you well on your new journey and when in doubt remember this statement…

If you’re reading this then congratulations…Life has offered you a second chance it’s called “2016″

Happy New Year SG’s and here’s to your next chapter!

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Yours truly

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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