Editor’s Letter: Does the Education System Set Young People Up To Fail?
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Ever found yourself asking ‘Why didn’t they teach me this at school?’

Two weeks ago, I sat down on my lunch break; fork out, tissue laid, ready to dig in when my ears were drawn to an intriguing conversation.

There were three people, one guy, two girls and the topic of ‘Life’

Here’s a snippet:

The guy talking about paying back his Uni loan said “I don’t even see them take the money out, I just get told on my pay slip that it has been taken.”

(He turns to the young lady next to him) Its incredible that we’ve ended up in the same job, and you didn’t even go to Uni.”

Another woman in the trio “Sometimes I am paying up to £400 a month to pay of my student loan.”

The young lady who didn’t go to Uni gasps “£400.00!…And is that the set amount a month?”

Guy: “Sometimes it changes, it can go up and down.”

Young lady: “Its ridiculous. They taught us nothing in school. They couldn’t even teach us about tax, why aren’t we taught these things in school? I used to think tax was a myth and didn’t apply to me until I started working. Why didn’t they teach us money management? And then there’s politics, why don’t they teach us what to know?”

Guy: “If they gave us too much information then everyone would be too successful to need the Government’s help and they don’t want people who can help themselves.”

And then that’s when it hit me. This conversation had SKOOL GIRL written all over it!

Until this conversation, I honestly thought it was just me and my circle that thought this way about the ‘education system’…Let’s be honest it is setting young people up to fail before they’ve even started!

By the time you realise that there is more to life than atoms, particles and the Pythagoras theory, its too late and you are staring at an empty cupboard of baked beans, mouldy bread and £27,000 of debt.

However, what I will say is this SG’s; you too have a responsibility in learning the basic fundamental life skills. There is no excuse to be ignorant to information when you have a whole world wide web, libraries, books and various other platforms to find information.

Three years ago The Mirror did an article on Uni students stating that More than a third don’t know how to boil an egg, four out of ten cannot make an omelette and almost half are unable to rustle up a spaghetti bolognese.’

This is CRAZY!

You don’t need to be Levi Roots, but boiling an egg isn’t rocket Science! Yes I judged you.

But we want to help you.

Its not just about cooking, its about knowing things like:

- what are the must have basics to have in your food cupboard when your money is running low.

- what to wear to your first job interview

- how to become self-employed if you want to be your own boss and run a business

- how to get on the property ladder

- how to go about saving to buy a house cash instead of having a mortgage or get trapped in renting.

- what are the alternatives to University if I want to land a spot in my dream job.

The list goes on.

April Theme - Life Skills

Knowledge is power, the more you get clued up on life now is the less surprises you will have in the long run.

Like I told you before, Team SG, we GOTCHUx

Yours truly

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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