Editor’s Letter: “In British culture we are taught to down play everything.”
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It’s good to be back SG’s.
When was the last time you celebrated yourself?In October I turned 22 and decided to treat myself to a week getaway in Turkey. It was one of the most life-changing experiences I ever had, strangely enough it was nothing to do with the fact that it was the first time I was flying away (almost solo)with my sister but it was the first time I genuinely felt authenticallyCELEBRATED by complete strangers.Turkish people LOVED us. Scratch that, they were BESOTTED by us. With no makeup on, they were completely oblivious to who I was, where I came from, what I achieved, who I knew or what I do. They simply loved me just for being me.Everyday I was bombarded for pictures, selfies and numbers and URL’S for Facebook profiles were cutely written on table napkins. No one shyed away to tell me ‘You are a beautiful girl.’A conversation between me and Shara
Me: ‘Not everyone hates us’
Shara: ‘It’s sad that we are conditioned to think that.
‘People over here are not afraid to let you know how incredible you are. It’s funny because in British culture we are taught to down play everything, how we feel, who we are and our achievements. But it’s important to celebrate yourself and not be afraid to allow others to celebrate you too.’For 7 days and nights I consistently felt like a QUEEN. Can you imagine feeling like this everyday of your life just because you conditioned yourself to do so?

Why did it take me to fly 4 hours away to realise that I do myself a huge disservice by failing to remind myself everyday that I’m FABULOUS just for being me.

This month we are encouraging you to celebrate the FANTABULOUS you. Be your biggest supporter, shout about you, your race, your culture, what you do, your achievements, love you, be you, do you and for the people who don’t like your new found self confidence, tell them to step aside and to not interrupt you.

Can I get Amen?

We have some incredible stuff lined up for you this month:
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All this and MUCH MORE!

Keep it 100% as always.

Yours truly

Tee Cee Sig (purple)
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