Editor’s Letter: Black Is The New White
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Happy Black History Month SG’s!

Now before I get stoned with ignorant reactions for the title of this month’s theme, let me address the following:

  1. It is not reverse racism
  2. It is not a subtle, passive or concealed message or hidden agenda of being anti-Caucasian

BUT what it is…

Offering a new perspective on the colour ‘black’. Often mainly portrayed and associated with the negative connotations ‘death, evil, witchcraft…’but is also symbolic of ‘power, elegance, formality and mystery.’< The associations I want to bring to your attention this month.

For those of you who are not aware of the The William Lynch (Willie Lynch) speech, go look it up (but wait…Finish this first).To give you the brief, succinct version, it was a letter / speech delivered to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia (1712)regarding control of slaves within the colony…African slaves(or whom you probably refer to as the political identity ‘black people’.) His theory was created to psychologically brain wash not just people of African-Caribbean descent, but also every other race for thousands of years. Hence why some people until this day will never accept that we are all in fact human beings, we all bleed, poo, cough and cry but still segregate ourselves based on the colour of our skin.

What ‘Black is The New White’ is saying that the colour ‘black’ is just as beautiful as the colour‘white’, in the same context that African-Caribbeans are equal to Caucasians, Asians and every other race or creed.

Thankfully for us Willie Lynch and every other imbecile that believed in his theory are now dead and probably rotting in guilt and conviction somewhere. But you and me, we’re still living, breathing examples of change and we don’t have to accept injustice or be ignorant to undercover racism that exists all around us, everyday.

No it won’t simply change over night but as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. so rightly said:

‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’

Don’t end your life in ignorance, but be the change you want to see.

Black History is not just about people of African-Caribbean descent, its also EDUCATION month for all other races. Knowledge is power (I’m sure you know this already)

We have some incredible content coming your way this month, please check our new DECODED on Solange Knowles‘ new politically charged song ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ by Jade Richards, Birmingham spoken word artist, Deci4Life sets the record straight on veganism being ‘a white thing’?’ and Young Entrepreneur – Olivia Hinds tells us how Grammar school saved her life.

Yours truly,

Tee Cee Sig (purple)

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