Eat Your Way To Fabulous Skin This Spring!
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Here are six fruits and veggies to transform your skin in ways you didn’t even know.

#1 - Strawberry
You should hardly be surprised that were bringing up this super antioxidant again. Not only will strawberries bring out the radiance in your skin, but it helps to heal those awful blemishes. Plus it produces collagen, helping to strengthen capillaries (blood vessels) supplied by your skin.

#2 - Avocado
Full of Vitamin B and E,  the butter pear is a full fledge supporter of healthy skin growth, protecting it from cell damage and containing fatty acids essential for keeping your skin hydrated.

#3 - Grapefruit
No need to wish upon a star anymore, grapefruit is your ultimate gateway to beautiful skin this season! This beauty helps to flush out toxins from all your cells, helping to clear pores and stimulates the production of skin collagen bringing out smoothness and elasticity to your skin. Ow!

#4 - Sweet Potatoes
Did you really think it was only sweet for your taste buds? Containing vitamins A, C and E, Sweet potato improves your complexion for that flawless skin you’ve longed for. Who said your youthful days had to be over by 21? With this beauty food, you’re only just getting started.

#5  - Pumpkin
Filled with vitamins C, E, and A (as well as powerful enzymes), pumpkin helps to cleanse the skin and also has great hydrating properties.

#6 - Papaya
Papaya certainly promises to give your skin a healthy glow this spring! Not only is it a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, but it helps to remove dead skin cells. Plus, the best part about this juicy fruit is it’s ‘low sodium quality’, in other words it helps to keep your skin more than hydrated.


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