Designer Spotlight: El Monét
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El Monet WR
El Monét
is a new independent fashion label based in Birmingham UK.

Team SG first set sight on the brand at the Clothes Show Live 2014, where we met designer Chanel-Monét Thomas.

As Chanel gets ready to launch her Autumn ’15 collection we got the 411 on how she went from University drop out to being her own BOSS!

Describe the general process you go through to conceptualise and design a garment.

All of the garments that you will see in the El Monét Autumn 2015 range are a result of the following design process: pattern drafting, pattern cutting, toiles and numerous pattern amendments. It is a long process but very rewarding once you have the finished product.

When did you realise your desire to become involved in the fashion industry?
In 2011 I attended university in London studying theatre production, but I had always been interested in the art of fashion design and being able to make garments from scratch was something that I wanted to see if I could do. As I started to lose interest in my degree course, my love for designing grew. Over a year later, I dropped out of university to pursue fashion not knowing where it would take me.
Onique Prince FR

“I had always been interested in the art of fashion design and being able to make garments from scratch was something that I wanted to see if I could do.”

What elements do you believe make your designs unique?
A key element is the use of shoulder pads, which imitate improved posture in El Monét designs. Other features include body control fabrics, colour blocking, bold prints, and over-sized collars, which are also implemented into our Autumn ‘15 range.

How would you define the El Monét style?

Who are some of your favourite brands / designers and why?
Franco Moschino is a huge inspiration to me; his colourful and provocative designs have caught my attention from an early age. Seeing this, I feel like I can be myself and design whatever I want no matter how ‘out there’ it may be.

From personal experience, where are the best places to gain fashion / design skills and knowledge?
I didn’t study textiles/fashion design at college or university, so most of what I know is self-taught using books, the internet and a lot of practice. Seeking opportunities like the Princes Trust enterprise programme and the current pattern-cutting course I am doing have helped a great deal. It is important to network and build relationships with people in the fashion industry as you can always learn something from someone.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Firstly, you must believe in yourself, your vision, and dream. Try to find opportunities that will benefit you in regards to gaining or improving your designing skills and business. Lastly surround yourself with positive people that inspire, motivate, and believe in you.

For more information on El Monét:
Twitter: @El_Monet
Instagram: el_monet

Feature images supplied by El Monét, Modelled by Onique Prince

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