What Your Coat Really Says About YOU!
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Since I’ve started my job as a Broadcast Journalist I’ve realised that there are still A LOT of shallow human beings who will only speak to you based on how you look.

Seriously! When I’m out and about reporting, people say to me all the time ‘I’m only going to stop and let you interview me because I like your hair or your lipstick or YOUR COAT?!

Hair, lipstick…Coat? I didn’t know that what coat I wore was such a big deal. Shara then informed me that it definitely is, ‘A coat can define everything about you’…Her words exactly, hence this article.

Here’s what your coat really say’s about you…


Top Coat
Topcoat FR
This is a lightweight overcoat, it traditionally has a button-front cut, hangs from the shoulders and features a fold-over collar and side pockets.

Shara says:“This coat says practically for the Winter season as well as do take me very seriously, I’m on the way to somewhere important so MOVE OUTTA MY WAY!”

Boyfriend Coat
Boyfriend Coat FR
This coat is defined by its mannishly minimal cut and it’s instant ability to smarten a casual look.

Shara says:“This is definitely one of my favourites, and you can see why…It’s GORGEOUS. It says I’m going to meet the girls for lunch but I still need an element of fabulous to my outfit.”

Sheep Skin Coat
Sheepskin Coat FR
This coat often has a soft curly fleece inside contrasted with a tough outside skin to defy rain, snow and hail.

Shara says: “Although Winter 15 has seen the rise of the sheep skin coat, for me it’s not a fashion statement it’s a coat you need for Winter because it keeps you blooming WARM! This coat says I’m leaving the house at ridiculous o’clock in the morning and will be waiting at the bus top for at least 10 minutes, so I need something that’s going to keep me cosy.”

Puffer Coat FR
It’s a ultra-warm waxed coat with scrunchy, pillow-like panels.

Shara says: “Every time I see a puffer coat, I feel nostalgic as I’m reminded of my primary school winter days. Anyway, a good ol’ puffer never gets old if you wear it right and it’s especially handy for strong winds sweeping underneath your neck. This coat says ‘I’VE GOT THE POWER AGAINST THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE!”[/highlight]

Swing Coat
Swingcoat FR
This coat traditionally has a flared silhouette and is cut to literally swing when the wearer moves.

Shara says:“This coat says I’m on trend and although winter is here I can still look super fly!”

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