Careers Corner: Tani Ghaffarsedeh
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Tani GTani Ghaffarsedeh is a Composer and Audio Visual Artist based in the UK. After graduating from the University of Glasgow, Tani has stunned audiences in various exhibitions from New York City to Scotland with her captivating sounds and striking image. With her growing popularity, TG is now set to release her debut EP…


What do general tasks in your career as a musician consist of on a daily basis?
Hot water and lemon is my routine in the mornings, then out the door for a run to clear my head. I practice my vocal exercises daily, and then take care of my label TheOtherSide, which is an ongoing project. I usually compose at home, but depending on my plans (meetings, studio recording, events etc.); it can change on a daily basis. Currently I am dedicating most of my time to working on my EP, which is coming out in a few months.

Why did you decide to become involved in music? 
Growing up, music played an important part in my household and this is how I fell in love with it. There was no specific style as everyone had different tastes so I developed a liking for listening to all genres. When I was six my mother insisted on me having a music teacher, which I guess is only fair because my two elder sisters also had to learn this way too. From there I knew I wanted to be involved in music and it has always been the form of communication for me to express what’s going on in my thoughts.  

When did you make a start on your career?
After I finished University, I had a gap year working in the fashion industry. I also explored with my composition and got involved in a few exhibitions, which was the start of my career. During this time, I had also had to juggle a full time job.

How did you set it up?
In the beginning, I started exploring with playing the piano and experimenting with my voice. Later on, I studied sound design and composing, and then slowly began to set up my own studio. I had so many ideas to explore so this created opportunities for me to do so.

Who helped you?
My mom and best friend have played a very important role with supporting and advising me. Over the last few years I have also met so many interesting people that I have benefited from.

What have you learnt during your experience?
The most important things I have learned is to trust my instinct, never stop learning, always look for ways to be inspired and stay positive in life, this is the key.

What advice can you offer to aspiring composers and musicians?
My advice to musicians is know what you want from the music and what you want to express. There is no significance in copying the work of other composers, it’s important to find your own voice. You need to have a purpose in what you are producing as well as passion. One thing to remember is, if you ever get down, the only person that can help you is you.

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