Careers Corner: Daniella Genas
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After graduating from University in 2007, social entrepreneur Daniella Genas, 29 set up and became Director of her own event management company, Aspire 4 U CIC. Established for its high quality events, the company has provided life changing opportunities for young people through its popular projects Talent, NYAM and STEM (just to name a few).

This year May, Ms Genas successfully scooped the Entrepreneurial Award at the Birmingham Young Professional of the year Awards after being the only female winner among eight categories.

What do general tasks in your career consist of on a daily basis? 
Every day is different running Aspire4u and that is why I love what I do. In an average day I will do a variety of different things that usually includes, checking emails, making phone calls to prospective clients, completing project evaluations, putting together sponsorship packs, organising events and updating the website.

Why did you decide to set up?
I had always wanted to work for myself and had a passion for youth and events. After I finished University, I spent a year moving from job to job without ever being truly happy. I then heard about a business development programme called “Insight Out”. Whilst on the programme I teamed up with my former University friends and started the business in order to fulfil my dreams.

alumni of the yearWhen did you make a start? 
I started Aspire4u in 2007 at age 23 after completing my University degree.

How did you set it up?
It was very difficult to set up the business as we had no clue where to start. We sought advice from lots of different organisations including Business Link who advised us to register in 2009 as a Community Interest Company due to the youth focus of the organisation. The actual registration process wasn’t too difficult and included filling out a simple form. However, putting together the business plan and understanding how to run the business was a difficult part.

Who helped you?
I had lots of help and guidance from Birmingham City University where I had studied and I began a Masters in Media Enterprise a few months after starting my business, which was very helpful.

What have you learnt during your experience?
I have really enjoyed running my organisation but it does come with its challenges. There have been some struggles but overall the highs outweigh the lows. Some of my favourite moments have been coordinating the various projects and seeing the development of the young people as they go through the process. I love to see the confidence raised in the shy young people, the unemployed youths getting jobs, the quiet ones finding their voices. These are the moments I get up for.

What advice can you offer to anyone wanting set up in event managment?
The primary lesson is to never give up because a lot of the time the breakthrough is just around the corner.

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