Careers Corner: Alexis Knox
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Alexis KnoxRenowned Kawaii Princess Alexis Knox, is an International Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashion Director for Notion Magazine.

As well as working in front of & behind camera for T4 , MTV, BBC and Sky1, Knoxy’s editorial has featured almost everywhere from Grazia to WAD. Having enjoyed working with personalities – Bruno Mars, Jessie J & M.I.A (just to name a few), Alexis lives the fly life of an International DJ for a variety of events including Milan Fashion Week.


What do general tasks in your career as a celebrity fashion stylist consist of on a daily basis?
I do a lot of emailing! Styling isn’t about shopping and putting outfits together all day, it’s actually about being super organised, good at arranging things and communicating with people.

Why did you decide to become involved in fashion styling?
My progression into styling was an organic one. I always had an individual way of dressing, so people would presume I was a stylist already! I did a lot of assisting whilst working on my own projects, until eventually I was qualified enough to go it alone!

When did you make a start on your career?
As soon as I left uni, I decided to start assisting in creative industries, from television, to writing to art. However, it was fashion that came the quickest and most naturally.

How did you set up?
You do a lot of work for free getting into styling, as you are building contacts and getting together a portfolio together, so savings or a part time job is usually necessary! You also need a team, styling alone is nearly impossible. You are dealing with so many clothes and accessories, it’s literally too much for one person to carry at times lol.

Who helped you?
I’m blessed that I have amazing family and friends. One of my first work experiences was at Notion magazine, and I went on to become the fashion director years later. Through Notion, I was able to build a great portfolio and work with some amazing celebrity’s.

What have you learnt during your experience?
In any walk of life it’s so important to be loyal. Remember those who have helped you and return the favour. Be honest, on time and efficient. Styling can get complicated so you have to stay organised. It’s also a lot about reputation, so remember you’re not only presenting your work but yourself.

What advice can you offer to aspiring fashion stylists?
Take and also make as many opportunities as possible!

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