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Leading a healthier lifestyle is a decision which requires brain power, persistence and strong will. In most cases a habit can take 21 days to develop, so how do you make self-maintenance a personal habit, whilst balancing skool life, work, social time and everything else?

Keeping fit may seem foreign to you now, but by aiming to make it a habit, it can just as easily become second nature, pretty much like brushing your teeth.

What if I told you that engaging your brain to make a change isn’t as hard as you think? Read and learn girls.

1. The most basics of basics is to set a goal that is achievable, not realistic, ACHIEVEABLE! There are only 24 hours in a day, much of which you sleep, go to school, college, Uni or probably work, so expecting yourself to do 200 squats, 100 press ups and 50 star jumps every morning maybe just a little on the ‘team too much’side. How about 30 minutes of straight cardio vascular in the morning, maybe an hour if you’re feeling extra EPIC, or you could save the extra half hour for a late afternoon session. You’ll be guaranteed the same results just with a sensible strategy that your brain can handle.

2. Like seriously, no one else is watching you, it’s okay to start small! So what if you can only commit to a 10 minute jog on the spot, it’s better than nothing. Do what you can for now and then allow your body and brain to adjust accordingly to your new routine.

3. Learn to be your own coach and keep track of your personal progress. Measuring your success is a great way to encourage self-validation, evaluate your accomplishments as well as area’s for improvement. Once your brain creates a positive association with fitness, your 21-day habit development gets just that little bit more easier.

4. There are something’s in your life that will require a little (or a LOT) of assistance, that’s okay too. It can be easier to conquer a habit when you’re accountable to a friend who has agreed to push through it with you, so don’t be afraid to invite them on your new adventure to a healthy, happier you!

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